Fernandina Observer will broadcast live tomorrow!

Fernandina Observer
April 1, 2018


Fernandina Observer’s temporary broadcasting studio

Operating out of temporary studios in the vacated McGill Aviation building at the city airport, the Fernandina Observer takes its first step toward live news broadcasts tomorrow evening at 9:00 p.m. Editor Susan Steger said, “We are excited about the future of news for Fernandina Beach. Our followers can be assured that we will take the same care in providing accurate, informative news in our new format as we always have on our newsblog.”

In addition to covering local news, the Fernandina Observer will also host moderated discussions on issues of local importance, such as the upcoming referendum to annex all property with the 32034 ZIP Code into the city of Fernandina Beach and plans to convert a former church parking lot at 4th and Alachua Streets into the city’s recycling center.

“We will focus on many waterfront issues,” Steger said. “Our followers need to know more about Disney’s plans to convert the Standard Marine property into a pirate theme park. What is FDOT’s design for the Front Street skyway that will divert truck traffic from 8th Street? And is it a good idea to sell the Atlantic Avenue Recreation Center to pay the city’s share of the $100M of required dredging to build a cruise ship terminal up river from Rayonier Advanced Materials?”

With the advent of broadcast news, the Fernandina Observer will continue to report important stories on its newsblog. Reporter – News Analyst Suanne Z. Thamm is currently working on a piece involving the future of Bosque Bello Cemetery, now that Old Town has voted to secede from the city and consolidate with Nassau County.

She has also been interviewing city officials on plans to solve the animals on the beach problems. According to a reliable source, Thamm said, “The Beach Rangers will be equipped with paint ball guns to “shoot” any horse or dog in violation of the ordinances. They believe such a move, coupled with body cameras, will enable law enforcement to identify animal owners and assess fines.”

Fernandina Observer’s media specialist Sidd Finch

Fernandina Beach Mayor John Miller offered congratulations to the Fernandina Observer on its move to broadcast media. “I’m looking forward to being interviewed, after I move into the new official residence of the city mayor in the Lesesne House. A great step forward for our city!”

For more information on broadcasts and schedules, contact the Fernandina Observer’s media specialist Sidd Finch.

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Theresa Hamilton
Theresa Hamilton (@guest_50732)
5 years ago

Hahahahahahahaha. Please include coverage of the Kitty Kitchen and Kondo expansion of Atlantic Seafood.

Randy Cottle
Randy Cottle (@guest_50733)
5 years ago

BRAVO!!! Damn I’m gullible!

Mary Miller
Mary Miller(@mary-miller)
5 years ago

Dimension of Disney turn my stomach the city mayor living in that house I’m going what is going on with my town. You got me. Happy April Fools Day

Pam Hart
Pam Hart (@guest_50735)
5 years ago

I was about to have a heart attack! Then I remembered the date.

Patricia Taylor
Patricia Taylor(@navymom09)
5 years ago

Well done! Hook, line & OMG till I realized I hadn’t voted here in Old Town! (What took me so long?). Easter & April Fools’ collide. The joyous & improbable meld.

Nora Bruce
Nora Bruce(@rebrucecomcast-net)
5 years ago

You got me! I was so excited about bringing all of 32034 into the city. All that money to add to our coffers!

Roy Benson
Roy Benson (@guest_50738)
5 years ago

Thanks for resurrecting Sidd Finch. George plimpton would be honored.

John Goshco
John Goshco (@guest_50739)
5 years ago

Nicely played. You had me right up to paragraph three.

The Front Street skyway should investigated further. If we could extend it to St. Marys, think of all the time and gasoline we could save.

Larry Myers
Larry Myers (@guest_50741)
5 years ago

Well Done…Sure Fooled me !!!!
A well written April Fools Day article…

Carol Lee Adams
Carol Lee Adams(@carollee0123hotmail-com)
5 years ago

Wow…..so glad this is April Fool!!!!!!!! Kudos 🙂

Pat craddock
Pat craddock (@guest_50743)
5 years ago

Not humorous. I was too gullible.

Peggy McCarroll
Peggy McCarroll (@guest_50744)
5 years ago

Don’t quite cash that $1MM check i sent in then.

Nancy Fishburn
Nancy Fishburn(@naf1313yahoo-com)
5 years ago

I love this! Made my day!