8 Flags Playscapes helps fund accessible and environmentally sensitive nature trail

8 Flags Playscapes
Press Release
December 21, 2020



8 Flags Playscapes is pleased to announce that we are making a contribution of approximately $16,000 to fund an innovative solution for the surfacing of the new nature trail at Simmons Road Park, which is being built by the City of Fernandina Beach. Rather than impervious concrete which is not cohesive with the natural setting of the site, this additional funding will facilitate the installation of a trail built from environmentally friendly recycled crushcrete aggregate combined with a stabilized binder.

This will provide a truly universally accessible trail surface, while remaining sensitive to the natural environment that exists at the park. 8 Flags Playscapes is committed to providing universally accessible recreational facilities within our community, and this provides an opportunity that is completely in-line with our mission statement. We look forward to making future contributions that will ensure that this new park will be an amazing asset for residents and visitors alike.

For more information on our organization, please visit our website www.8flagsplayscapes.org or email us at [email protected] to learn more.