Amelia Island DAR honors veterans

Amelia Island
Daughters of the
American Revolution
Press Release
Submitted by Cara Curtin
November 16, 2020

Amelia Island Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution was proud to participate in our Veterans Day Parade. On the far left stands Regent Carol Elefterion, who is holding the DAR flag; behind her is Linda Davis; then from left to right are Elizabeth Milo; Cara Curtin; Jean Worley; Vice Regent Rebecca Mayle; Emma Leeper and granddaughter Harper; Bebe Granger; and Kim Maddox.

The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution is the largest women’s service organization in the world and contributes over one million volunteer hours a year. The 200 members of the Amelia Island Chapter contribute 5,000 volunteer hours and $5,000 in scholarships and awards in Nassau County each year. Go to www.ameliaislandnsdar.org for more information about the chapter or www.dar.org to learn about the national society.

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