Wild Amelia Presentation on Cumberland Island

Learn about the conservation efforts of Wild Cumberland on our sister barrier island. Wild Amelia’s October Wild Nite presentation welcomes Jessica Howell-Edwards, Executive Director of Wild Cumberland. It will be at the historic Peck Center on Tuesday, Oct. 11, at 7 p.m.

Jessica Howell-Edwards is a lifelong Georgia resident and mom of four who currently resides in DeKalb County (just outside Atlanta). She offers more than two decades of journalism, marketing, and activism experience—but most importantly, a passion for protecting the native ecology of Cumberland Island.

Jessica had her first wilderness experience on Cumberland Island more than 25 years ago; she often describes it as “transformative” and currently serves as executive director of Wild Cumberland, a grassroots group working to ensure Cumberland Island remains protected.

Wild Cumberland is a nonprofit dedicated to protecting the wilderness, native species, and the ecology of Cumberland Island.

For more information: 904-261-0165 or https://wildamelia.org/Wild_Nites.html


wild amelia
Photo courtesy of Wild Amelia. All rights reserved.
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