Zimmerman announces candidacy for Florida State Representative

Press Release
July 17, 2018 9:00 a.m.

“The special interests and career politicians have taken over in Tallahassee. The people have lost their voice.” – Joe Zimmerman

Joe Zimmerman

Joe Zimmerman today has announced he will seek the Republican nomination on August 28, 2018 to serve in the Florida House representing Nassau County and part of Duval County.

“When I heard from many people how frustrated they had become that their State Representative would no longer listen to them and no longer respond to their calls, it concerned me as a former legislative staffer – but more importantly as a local businessman and active member of this community. It is essential that our State Representative hold regular town hall meetings, write letters to the newspapers and keep the citizens informed. It’s an expectation. Authentic and real communication with citizens must be a priority,” said Zimmerman

“This year alone we have watched our local county almost get hit with a secret amendment by the special interests which would have required taxpayers to pay what was estimated to be $54 million in new taxes to the Stewardship District, a district that our current representative created through HB 1075 over the opposition of local citizens, including my own. Then we learn about the beach privatization issues under HB 631, which would damage hospitality workers in beach communities – again helping the narrow few but imposing huge burdens on the many. This judicial activism steps on home-rule of our local cities. It is bad for Florida and our district. The lack of attention to the safety conditions on A1A and the failure to respond to calls for safety improvements are unacceptable.”

“I am running because I have had enough. The grievances against this government continue to grow and each year important issues go unattended. There are so many needs that are going unaddressed from our seniors, our schools, hospitality, small business regulations, roads and our environment. Where is the attention to these important issues?

I believe that you must pay close attention to the interests of your community and be prepared to fight for those interests.

As a former aide in the Florida House, I understand the legislative process. I have the necessary experience in the process and can get to work on the issues facing our community immediately. I look forward to an opportunity to meet voters and discuss a different path forward, and share with them my vision for how we restore the voice to our people.”

If you have also had enough you can get involved in this grassroots movement to change things in Tallahassee. It starts with each person taking a stand and making a decision that it’s time for change.

Please go to www.zimmermanforhouse.com and let Joe know that you will be standing with him and sign up to be a volunteer. Next, if you can help with a campaign contribution of $10, $25, $50 or whatever you can afford, please make an effort to send him support to help get his message to the voters. Finally, be sure to vote on August 28th to restore the citizen’s voice in Tallahassee.

Editor’s Note:  Zimmerman faces incumbent State Representative Cord Byrd in the August Primary.