Weather Watchers Watch! Debby?

Tropical Disturbance
Courtesy of NASA & Weather Underground

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Susan Hardee Steger

With weather watchers still on edge from the impact of tropical storm Beryl, there is a another storm brewing in the lower Gulf of Mexico.

According to Nassau County Emergency Management Director Danny Hinson, the light rain we experienced  in some areas today are outside bands of the storm. Although not expected to develop into a system like Tropical Storm Beryl, Hinson reminds us that “Tropical Storm Beryl was predicted to be a Nor’easter.”

Weather Underground, a popular weather blog is a source for  updated information on this disturbance.  In the event the storm system intensifies, we are looking at tropical storm or hurricane Debby.  Visit Weather Underground for updated information.

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Debbie (@guest_113)
11 years ago

Recheck your facts, according to NHC its Debby