We Will Be Different!

May 14, 2012

Centre Street Fernandina Beach, Florida
Used with permission from the State Archives of Florida

Welcome to the Fernandina Observer, a news and opinion blog that will focus on the City of Fernandina Beach and the news and issues that impact our community. News sources, whether print media or blogs, lose their credibility when opinions filled with half-truths take over the delivery of information. Our goal is to deliver news and opinions that are thoughtful, and well researched. We will be different!

The Fernandina Observer is a news blog and using the web offers alternative platforms for delivery of information. Through Fernandina Observer’s podcasts, you connect directly with local news makers. Interviews with leaders in our community, or healthy round table discussions on hot button issues will help you develop a deeper understanding of community issues. We will be different!

Encouraging others to work with us will be a key to our success. We need volunteer reporters (Write for F O) who wish to get involved, and grow with us. It will take time to develop news sources and time to hone our skills. We will start out simply, and as we grow we will increase our coverage and develop greater avenues of news delivery.

Douglas M. Newton and Susan Hardee Steger will be co-editors. Full disclosure: We were both involved in losing city commission campaigns, but we care deeply about our community. Doug was treasurer of the campaign to elect John Elwell, and Susan was a candidate for re-election to the city commission in 2011.

The Fernandina Observer will be “delivered” by signing up through SearchAmelia.com or by going directly to www.fernandinaobserver.com. The Fernandina Observer has entered into a promotional/advertising agreement with SearchAmelia. SearchAmelia comes into the homes and businesses of thousands of individuals and we wish to tap into their vast network of readers. We will begin this Thursday. A new blog will appear weekly or when significant news events occur.

So how will the Fernandina Observer benefit our community? We will inform and educate, not confuse and mislead. When credit is due, we will build up our community, not tear it down. When issues arise that demand public attention, or if mistakes are made that demand accountability, you will be informed.

So join us. We are committed, and we will be different!

Douglas M Newton
Susan Hardee Steger

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Eric Childers
Eric Childers(@echildersfamilysafesoutheast-com)
11 years ago

Thank you and Good Luck!

John Campbell Elwell
John Campbell Elwell(@elwelljohnyahoo-com)
11 years ago

The Fernandina Observer will be a welcome addition to the local news print reporting. I look forward to factual and interesting articles about our City and it’s citizens and not just opinion pieces by a few local “experts”. Thank you both for undertaking this welcome endeavor. I wish you nothing but success.

Bruce Malcolm
Bruce Malcolm(@malcolmanoryahoo-com)
11 years ago

Way to fire! It’s about time some light was shown in the dark corners of the press in this town.

Anonymous (@guest_8)
11 years ago

Good Luck!

chuck hall
chuck hall(@bob)
11 years ago

Always open to other’s views. Hopefully this will reach lots of voters, too.
Best wishes

neil blalock
neil blalock(@neilblalockcomcast-net)
11 years ago

Wishing you the best in this endeavor, and looking forward to future publications/updates.

Jay-Paul Thibault
Jay-Paul Thibault (@guest_12)
11 years ago

I am glad to see that we will have additional “voices” in Nassau county.

Tim Poynter
Tim Poynter(@tpoyntergmail-com)
11 years ago

It’s never too late to get the truth out. Best of luck to you and your publication. The city of Fernandina Beach deserves a lot more than it’s been getting these days and this is the start of something beautiful…

Donna Roberts
Donna Roberts(@jesusluvzyucomcast-net)
11 years ago

What a breath of fresh air you will be! Thank you for this endeavor to enter the no “spin zone”

Peggy A. Bulger
Peggy A. Bulger(@peggy-bulger1949gmail-com)
11 years ago

Your latest issue was terrific! Great writing and lots of interesting news — Best of luck!

david howard
david howard(@comdh2aol-com)
11 years ago

concerning utility rate hikes by the city commission…..it might have been one happy family on their vote….i doubt if the citizens of fernandina will be as pleased. dave howard