Tropical Storm Debby – Update On Impact To City

Red Flags Fly Alerting Swimmers to Rip Currents

City of Fernandina Beach Press Release

June 27, 2012

As the rains from now Tropical Depression Debby diminish, the localized flooding situation in the City improves. Streets and Utility Department crews worked throughout the night addressing the problems created by the intense rainfall over the last 48 hours.

There was a water main break along Dade Street during the night that has affected 18 customers in that area. A Boil Water advisory is in effect for just those customers and all have been alerted through door hangers.

As TD Debby continues to move offshore, it has created a shift and increase in the winds we will experience over the next 24 hours. Winds will be out of the N-NE and are expected to be steady at 10-15 mph with gusts as high as 25 mph. The increased wind speed, combined with ground saturation, increase the risk of uprooted trees so drivers and pedestrians should exercise heightened awareness of this danger.

Double red flags (no swimming advised) have been posted at the beaches with minimal staffing levels currently in place due to the inclement weather. There is an elevated risk of heavy surf and rip currents so people are advised not to go in the ocean for the remainder of the day. There continues to be localized flooding or water accumulation on several roads in the City.

At the time of this release the most affected areas are:
• Lisa Avenue is generally impassable, except for high clearance vehicles
• North Fletcher is open with some spots of shallow standing water
There has been water intrusion in a small number of homes in these low lying areas due to the stormwater.
All City programs, garbage collection and other activities are running as scheduled; although pool programs at the Atlantic Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. facilities are dependent upon weather conditions. Portions of the trails in the Egans Greenway have standing water. Questions about City operations should be directed as follows:
City Hall 904-277-7300
Streets 904-277-7387
Parks & Rec 904-277-7350
Garbage 904-277-7389
Airport 904-321-5700
Marina 904-491-2090
Golf Course 904-277-7370

For those traveling in the western part of the County, the Hwy 301 bridge near Otis Road between Callahan and Baldwin was washed out during the night making 301 impassible. For more information and directions, contact the County Emergency Operations Center at 904-548-4980.

June 27, 2012 4:47 p.m.