Tim Poynter City Commission candidate answers why he is the best qualified

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Tim Poynter, Candidate Group 4

Tim Poynter, Candidate Group 4
Why do you feel that you are the best-qualified candidate for city commission at this time?

In a word, experience.

I have had the honor serving as a City Commissioner for more than 3 years, due to the voter approved change in election date from May to November. During that time, I’ve been involved in everything from balancing 4 budgets to changing the way we operate 2 enterprise businesses.  I’ve had to deal with a contentious noise ordinance, permitting issues, impact fee controversy, staffing reductions, alcohol sales restrictions, Forward Fernandina, and the list goes on.

Many of these issues were difficult and polarizing for our community.  Some citizens saw things very differently than others but, at the end of the day, I had to make a decision with my vote. Some people supported my positions; others did not.  I have never taken a vote lightly.  I understand that the future of our city depends on 5 people on any given issue.  This is an awesome responsibility.  I always prepare by investing my time and effort in thoroughly studying the issues from many angles, discussing the ramifications with the city manager and my constituents, and listening carefully to concerns raised by those who contact me.

But in the final analysis, I am one of only 5 people who have a vote on the issue.  In exercising that vote, I try to keep in mind that my decision must be in the best interest of all the citizens, not just the ones attending the meeting or the ones who have spoken the loudest or longest on the issue.  Because we do have many points of view on just about every matter that comes before the City Commission, I always try to explain why I voted the way I did, especially on controversial votes.

I am proud of the way I’ve conducted myself as a city commissioner and believe it takes this level of demonstrated commitment and leadership to help our community to meet the challenges that lie ahead.  I appreciate your consideration and support for my re-election.

Editor’s Note:  This is the last in a series of questions posed to candidates for the Fernandina Beach City Commission.   The answers come to our readers unedited and in the candidates own words.  We rotate the order of candidates from week to week.  Ed Boner and incumbent Tim Poynter will seek Group 4, John Campbell Elwell and Pat K Gass will seek  Group 5.

October 23, 2012 7:23  a.m.