Tim Poynter – A city commission candidate profile . .

Submitted by Don Parker

Candidate Tim Poynter

Tim was born and raised in the environs of Cincinnati, Ohio.  His dad had his own company,  Poynter Products, making toys and novelties.  Tim graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1980 with a degree in Marketing.  He was president of his class, president of his fraternity, and also a cheerleader.  That is where he met his wife, also a cheerleader, and it seems they still have a lot to cheer about after 32 years of marriage, one girl 29, and 3 sons, 27, 26, and 23.

He started out working for dad for a couple of years and then jumped to advertising with the well known firm of Young and Rubicam where he rose to Senior Account Executive in charge of C.B.S. toys account.

Next, he bought out his dads Poynter Products, making toys and gifts in the Orient, to be marketed here.  He traveled to the Orient three or four times per year, and some of those trips lasted a month.  The next project was to build what Tim described as “The beautiful and exclusive Triple Crown Country Club.”

What followed?  He sold the club and sold Poynter Products too.  He then became a custom home builder.  Is there nothing this man can’t do?  I asked him just that.  He ducked the chance to brag and stated, “I work hard at whatever I do and I always try to make things better.”  He said that the commission is not there to veto things, it is there to “spend our money wisely and to improve the future.”

I asked for an example, and he told me what a huge bargain the new library addition will be.  “The city will pay $600,000, the county will pay $600,000.  The Friends of the Library will raise 1.2 million dollars. When finished the city gets a $2.4 million dollar library, still in downtown Fernandina, for only $600,000.  That’s a bargain.”

Tim thinks long term what will help the whole city is to keep improving.  “An improved waterfront downtown will bring more people to enjoy it.  Keep improving what we have and it will pay off big time.”

Tim starts his day in the gym four mornings a week at 6:30 a.m.  That plus a little tennis and golf seems to keep him in shape for the hard days work running Cafe Karibo and Timoti’s Fry Shack.  He employs about 50.  I believe him when he says he works hard.

Editor’s Note: We thank Don Parker, area poet, writer, and author for compiling profiles on candidates for city commission.   These profiles capture on a more personal level, the personalities, interests, and characteristics of all of our candidates.  Thank you Don for your help, and for a job well done!

October 20, 2012 1:47 p.m.