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Amelia Lifelong Learning
Submitted by Evelyn C. McDonald
September 20, 2019 2:00 p.m.

Did you ever wonder when people first started to use perfumes? Did you assume hypnotism started in Europe? Do you sometimes wonder how your brain came to the conclusions it did? Do you wish you could take better photos? Amelia Lifelong Learning has some of the answers for you. Recognizing that many of the people who take our courses go up north for the summers, we are debuting a few short courses this fall.

The History of Hypnotism is a four-week course, given by Carlos Bustabad, and starting September 23. Among other things, you will find out that the Egyptians practiced it. Marge Powell will present the History of Perfume. Clue: perfume wasn’t just for women. Hers is a three-week course beginning October 21.

Moving from a historical to a current perspective, Terri Dean will provide insight into what’s going on in brain research and why we may not actually think the way we assume we do. Terri’s class is four weeks and begins on October 28. Lea Gallardo will repeat her popular two session courses on photography – the Basics on October 8 and Composition on October 15.

Longer courses (five to eight weeks) address areas such as foreign relations, future speculation, language, and literature.

Mark Ericson will continue his exploration of East Asia with a course covering the United States’ relationships with China, Japan, and Korea. It’s a timely look at an area of the world increasingly in the news. This class starts October 1.

While we can’t know the future, Dick Scribner will lead students through an examination of potential futures. Among the subjects discussed with be artificial intelligence, population growth, and space travel. This course begins on October 1.

A year ago, Bernie McCabe began an exploration of Sophocles’ rendering of the life of Oedipus. On October 2 he begins discussing the last play, Oedipus at Colonus. Berta Arias has built up a following of students eager to learn Spanish. This fall, starting October 8, she launches a more advanced Spanish learning program for those comfortable in the present and simple past tenses.

Jim Caine rounds out the classes with a repeat of his writers’ workshops. Attendees are welcome if they are starting to write fiction, struggling with something they’ve been working on, or are wondering what their next book is going to be. The workshop starts on October 1.

For more information and to register, please see www.amelialearning.com or call 904-251-3392 and leave a message.

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