Summer House Realty
Press Release
June 22, 2021

More than 40 agents and spouses made the trip in 2021 to the Water Mission headquarters this year in Charleston, South Carolina.

Summer House Realty donates more than $58,000 to Water Mission, a Charleston, South Carolina based non-profit organization that provides self-sustaining water filtration projects to communities worldwide. Summer House founders Jenny and James Schaffer were intrigued about this non-profit more than 10 years ago and have been blessed to support them through their company since its creation. Summer House is structured so that a portion of the real estate agent’s commissions that come back to the company are earmarked for Water Mission.

Annually, the Summer House team travels to Charleston to learn about the incredible work Water Mission is doing around the world and present Water Mission with their donation check. This year the team made the trip on June 11, 2021, and were honored to donate over $58,000. To date, through the donations from Summer House and doing work locally in Augusta, GA and Amelia Island, FL, 13,700 people were provided access to clean, safe water for the very first time. Water Mission utilized their donations to contribute to sustainable, safe water projects in Nankandulo, Uganda, Mlambala, Malawi, Mtiti, Malawi, Robert, Haiti and Piatre, Haiti.

A cornerstone of Summer House Realty is giving back to the community. Summer House believes that when you work with the mentality that it is not about you, but about others, you will always be successful and have energy and joy knowing that your work goes further. Anyone can start a business, but to create a movement that impacts the world in such a big way is priceless.


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