Story and Song Names an Executive Director

The Board of Directors of Story & Song Center for Arts & Culture has selected Robin Cormier as executive director.

“Robin’s skills and experience make her the ideal choice to lead the next phase of our vision for the center,” said Donna Paz Kaufman, co-founder of Story & Song. “As a board member, she has contributed valuable ideas and recommendations that have moved us forward. As executive director, she will build the organization that will carry the center into the future.”

“Establishing an executive director position was the next step in the center’s evolution,” said co-founder Mark Kaufman. “Robin shares our passion for the mission of the center—celebrating the literary, culinary, visual, and performing arts—and brings the energy and enthusiasm we need to broaden our impact and ensure the center’s sustainability for years to come.”

Robin Cormier has 40 years of experience in corporate communications, strategic planning, public affairs, and publishing. She holds a B.A. from Virginia Tech.

As a not-for-profit organization, Story & Song is eligible for tax-deductible private donations and grant funding. It is at 1430 Park Ave. and is online at