Slow but Steady Progress on Beryl Clean Up

Collected Storm Debris at City Mulch Site - Photo Taken Sunday Afternoon

Submitted by Susan Hardee Steger

Advanced Disposal Services and city staff worked through the weekend to expedite cleanup efforts from Tropical Storm Beryl.  City manager, Joe Gerrity, indicated the areas of the city hit hardest are north of Atlantic Avenue, Bosque Bello Cemetery, the golf course area, and subdivisions located on the east side  of Jasmine Street.

As of early afternoon on Friday, Gerrity estimates 15 – 20% of storm debris has been collected. A visit to the city mulch site where much of the storm debris is being located, shows a portion of the massive debris left in the wake of tropical storm Beryl.   According to Gerrity, “We will work diligently to get the city back on track as soon as possible.

June 3, 2012 10:19 p.m.

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Mine (@guest_1508)
11 years ago

I am more concerned with the homes being fledood and the other infrastructure which continue to be deferred! My comments did not recommend cutting police services, but then we need to look at them also. The city has no idea on the efficiency of many of their departments, this need to be determined at some point.The City needs to evaluate programs on a level field, when it comes to capital improvements we need to do priority A, needs for health and life safety first. This has not been the case. Forward Fernandina was pushed to the head of the line and continues when there are discussions of cutting Parks and Recreation. Parks and Recreation are as much a part of city infrastructure as police and fire. We also continue to fund Enterprise Funds, the Marina and Golf Course which are suppose to be self supporting. We had deferred beach replenishment and failed to set required money aside. I have been flooding the Animal shelter, but as noted I am more concerned with people’s homes being fledood and the near failure of the waste water system to flooding.Spom