Simmons Road Park – “Puttings things in perspective”

By Benjamin C. Morrison
May 12, 2021

Abigail Fields experiences the nature trail in the city’s newly created Simmons Road Park.



From time to time, I see an image that really puts things into perspective. For me, this picture was one of those moments. My organization, 8 Flags Playscapes, has spent the last twelve years working to raise awareness in our community about the importance of universal accessibility for our recreational resources. The work can sometimes be challenging, and often does not come without controversy, however seeing the impact it has on people’s lives always makes it worthwhile.

This morning, I received a photo from Abigail Fields, a local resident with a mobility impairment. When we started working on Simmons Road Park, she explained to us and others in the community that there currently are no accessible nature trails anywhere in the city. After two years of hard work and lots of cooperation from many in our community,Abigail finally got the chance to experience the nature trail she had been hoping for.

Amelia Island is such a beautiful place to live, we often take for granted the opportunities we have on a daily basis to be immersed in nature. If we put ourselves in the shoes of others who may not be so fortunate, it makes us appreciate how amazing it must be to experience it for the first time.

Eight Flags Playscapes in a non-profit organization that has completed 3 parks in the City of Fernandina.  If you wish to donate to Eight Flags Playscape, click here.

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