Shrimp Festival Parade

Photos courtesy of Tom Clare

The weather was beautiful and the crowds lined Centre Street.

Q - 20 Group
Aaron & Rena Rawls,Grand Marshal
Marine Trawlers Owners Association pirates at the parade
NC Sheriff’s Seadoo & Guest


According to Sandy Price, executive director of the Shrimp Festival, there were many factors involved with the Shrimp Festival Committee’s decision to change the date of the Shrimp Festival parade. The date change was a result of citizen comments, concerns over a long day for children by holding the parade on a school night, traffic and concerns over the length of the parade, and the availability of out of town bands. The festival will benefit by receiving better media exposure prior to the festival weekend.

City Manager Joe Gerrity and his wife Carrie
City Manager Joe Gerrity and his wife Carrie

Editor’s Note: Gerry Clare, Roving Reporter attended the Book Island Festival Luncheon. We thank her husband Tom for the photos of today’s parade. The weather was beautiful, the crowds lined Centre Street and the controversial parade was in full swing Saturday. Your roving reporter was at the Book Festival.

April 27, 2013 8:43 p.m.

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Carolyn Greene
Carolyn Greene (@guest_7170)
10 years ago

It is amazing to me that so many people become upset about a date change. I guess that is the way of life in a small town, not too much to get excited about. There are many more important things to worry about: the possibility of an RV park to blight our beautiful island, the people who go hungry for lack of funds, cutback in monetary support from the government and the public….. If the people who raised so much ire about the parade change would put their support behind what really matters, life would be so much better for all of us!