School board candidate Russell L. Johnson responds to additional questions

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Russell L. Johnson, Candidate for School Board District 4

Russell L. Johnson, District 4

Do you have or have you had school aged children? If so, what educational options (private, public, or home schooling, etc.) did you chose for them and why? 

“As products of the Nassau County School System, my wife and I chose dedicated professionals in the Nassau County schools with the education of our two sons.  They both graduated from Hilliard Middle-Senior High School.  I believe in our “A” school system that ranks 14th in the state of Florida.  I know that did not happen by mediocre happenstance, but by hard work and determination, by people who care and work year round to gather, plan, and implement best practices in order, to educate Nassau County children.”

What would be the one thing you would suggest or try to implement to strengthen public education in Nassau County? 

“Being on the cutting edge of current development within the county is beneficial for all stakeholders.  As our Nassau County Economic Development Board initiates a plan to create 3,800 new high wage jobs that target industries, our students must be marketable to compete in this future work force.  That means Vocational Education training must move to the forefront for students whose strengths and interests lay in these areas.   With resort/ hospitality being Nassau County’s second largest employer, and the Nassau County School Board the first, it is insightful to continue our partnership with Florida State College of Jacksonville, through the Betty P. Cook, Nassau Center.  This affiliation will also permit students with interests in electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, building industries and such, other options.  This line of study will afford them the ability to enter the work force prepared, therefore, opening many doors to Nassau students who wish to work within the county.”

Editor’s Note:  At the request of many of our readers, the Fernandina Observer submitted a list of five questions to school board candidates.  These are the final answers to questions presented to candidates.  The Fernandina Observer is not endorsing any candidate.  Our goal is to inform and educate our readership. 

District 2 candidates are Gail Cook and John Pulice, and District 4 candidates are Kimberly Fahlgren and Russell Johnson.

October 18, 2012 6:02 a.m.