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Cars parked on disputed property

Susan Hardee Steger

After patiently awaiting for the City of Fernandina Beach to extend Salty Pelican’s sidewalk to Centre Street, owners Al Waldis and TJ  Pelletier are seeking legal help to resolve the matter.  (Click here for previous story)

Mike Mullin attorney for Waldis and Pelletier says, “The Salty Pelican is in a tough position with no remedy.”   Title companies hired to determine ownership of the disputed property located just south of the Salty Pelican, have indicated there simply is not enough information to make a determination.  The title companies will continue to review their work.

Pedestrians proceed on disputed property

The slow process to resolve the matter is frustrating for Waldis and Pelletier.  Salty Pelican was required to make their property handicap accessible at a great expense.  The lack of a sidewalk connection to Centre Street provides a difficult path for customers.  According to the owners, the path is so difficult that periodic trip and falls occur on the uneven surface.   To avoid the more challenging pedestrian route from Centre Street, cars are seen driving on the railroad track to unload mostly elderly Salty Pelican customers.

“Potential liabilities for the city are unclear,” says  City Attorney Tammi  Bach. Since ownership of the property is in dispute, three entities are likely targets of trip and fall lawsuits; CSX Railroad, the owners of the Duryee Building at Centre and Front Streets, and the City of Fernandina Beach.

Unless new information surfaces Attorney Mullin says, “The city must take a position.”

According to Bach, “the next step is to have a Judge decide.”  That next step will require city commission approval.

November 29, 2012 3:35 p.m.

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Len Kreger
Len Kreger (@guest_2085)
11 years ago

The facility was required to meet the requirements of the American Disability Act! This has no relationship to the sidewalk in discussion.

It would be nice to have a sidewalk, as it would in the the many other parts of the city.

Jennifer (@guest_4640)
11 years ago
Reply to  Co Editor

I’m confined to a wheelchair. Earlier this evening I attempted to make my way to The Salty Pelican. My wheelchair became stuck on the railroad track and I was thrown out of my chair and onto the ground – 2 minutes prior to the train sounding it’s horn and rounding the bend. This sidewalk situation needs to be resolved immediately or someone will get sued. I’m ready to notify the State Dept. for ADA. Does the town care??!!