A Centre Street Stroll – Renovations and Restorations

Gerry Clare, Columnist

If you have strolled around downtown Fernandina Beach lately, you would notice that there is a lot of activity in the streets.  City workers have been stringing little white lights in the trees.  Bucket trucks were also working on at least two historic buildings on Centre Street, and, of course, the usual dog walkers and residents were  chatting in front of the coffee shop.

The Allan Building is undergoing its third renovation since 1980 when the current owners and some others purchased the building. Last year was the 100th anniversary of this building, which was built in 1911 by Andrew S. Allan and used as a department store until late 1981, according to records at the Amelia Island Museum of History.

Today the Allan building is home to offices and four working businesses.  It is being renovated by Just’N Windows & Doors, Inc.  A new roof has been installed, wiring redone, floors being replaced and 18 new windows being hung under the guidelines of the Historic District Council.  New ceilings where needed and relocated air and heating units are also part of the renovation.

Marshall Wood (photo above), one of the owners, said that the work should be done in a few weeks including an open 1500 square feet open space from storefront to  rear parking lot which will be available for rent.

It is certainly nice to see this historic building lovingly cared for as part of Fernandina Beach’s history.  Next time you are downtown, look up and appreciate these treasures.

June 28, 2012 7:52 a.m.


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Deborah Powers
Deborah Powers (@guest_179)
11 years ago

What is the street address of the Allan Building, please?

gerry clare
gerry clare(@gerrycclaregmail-com)
11 years ago

303 Centre Street is the actual address.