Real Paris Street Food on a New Food Truck

By Dylan Bailey

While I might not be in Paris, a little piece of it rests in Fernandina Beach. Paris Street Food, a roaming food vendor, has set up a location on South 14th Street and brought with it a veritable supply of goodies. Featuring crepes, waffles and rolled ice cream, this is a spot you won’t want to miss.

The food truck sits beside a looming oak tree with a beautiful canopy of leaves. As soon as I made my way towards the order window, the faint sound of traditional French music played out. With the flags, flowers, and music, it quickly grabbed my attention.

Christian, the owner, greeted me warmly. I asked a lot of questions, and he had an answer for all of them. He told me Paris Street Food is going on its third month. From his experience with food trucks at Jax Beach, the community aspect of Fernandina was a big draw to bring crepes here.

With crepes being their main draw, I wanted to try a savory one. The savory crepe special looked amazing. Featuring cajun andouille sausage, spinach, cheese, mushrooms, roasted chicken and cherry tomatoes, it was a combination I had no doubts about. And I can safely say it was delectable. It wasn’t too spicy and had a smorgasbord of flavors.

Next from the menu, I grabbed a Liege waffle. I wasn’t sure what it was, but with the free sample, I knew I needed one. Made from brioche dough, the inside of the waffle is incredibly fluffy and chewy, while the exterior has a crunchy bite from the caramelized sugar. The perfect blend of sweetness.

How could I leave without trying the rolled ice cream? A viral street food that I’ve seen videos on, but never tried myself. And it almost didn’t happen. There was a technical issue the food truck was facing, but Christian managed to get it fixed and went to work on rolling.

The rolled ice cream was a sight to behold. The ice cream was rolled into spirals, with crumbled up cookies, as well. Even with the technical issue, it came out wonderfully. While the shape of the ice cream isn’t going to change its taste, the “wow factor” of the spirals and the fillings you can add, made for a delicious and fun to look at dessert.

With a selection of unique and interesting food items, Paris Street Food gets a thumbs up from me. From savory to sweet, the crepes, waffles and rolled ice cream were flawless. As the weather is warming up, it’s perfect for a rolled ice cream.

Paris Street Food


Address: 8 Flags Shopping Center, 1010 S. 14th St., Fernandina Beach

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