Rabbits Dumped on City Greenway

City of Fernandina Beach
Kathy Russell

Egans Creek Greenway
May 26, 2022

Rabbits released on City of Fernandina Beach Greenway.
Really? It’s happened again! Someone has dumped multiple domestic rabbits in the Greenway. 2 captured so far, a 3rd spotted. Are there more? 2 years ago there were 5 in the very same area by the Beech St. bridge. There is nothing about these lop-eared rabbits that will allow them to thrive or even survive in the wild.
This was not a malicious act. Whoever is doing this really believes they’re doing a good thing. Let’s educated our friends and neighbors that releasing domestic animals and/or exotic pets is not acceptable. It’s certain death or a painful existence for domestics (we’ve bred survival skills and necessary traits out of them to create animals that serve our own wants and needs) and exotics are potentially invasive species that adversely affect our natives in many ways.
To the person who has done this – you apparently have multiple rabbits for pets (these are friendly) and appear to be allowing them to reproduce. Please stop as you clearly do not wish to care for them long-term. Know that your actions will most certainly lead to their death as they are not equipped to survive in the wild. If you need help managing your rabbits, contact a rescue organization. They do exist! Contact me. I’ll be happy to help rehome every one of your rabbits so this does not happen again.
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Christine Harmon
Christine Harmon (@guest_65196)
2 years ago

Thank you Kathy for your concern, caring, and willingness to help.

Susan L Daigle
Susan L Daigle (@guest_65199)
2 years ago

I got one of the ones from a couple years ago! Best thing I ever did. Bunnies are amazing? She passed away but I have her beautiful daughter!

Chad (@guest_65211)
2 years ago

Thank you I have lops & straight eared bunnies have had rabbits since 07 best pets I’ve ever had its sad they get treated this way