R V Resorts developer to shift property interests to non-City holdings – Letter to commissioners

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Bob Allison speaks to Commissioner Pat Gass
Bob Allison speaks to Commissioner Pat Gass

Bob Allison

SUBJECT: A “Thank You” to the City Commission

March 7, 2013

Mayor Pelican
Vice Mayor Corbett
Commissioner Filkoff
Commissioner Gass
Commissioner Boner

Dear Mayor, Vice Mayor, and Commissioners,

Thank you for allowing us to make our proposal for the City’s idle property on Canopy Drive and for listening to our offer to make improvements to the City’s Golf Course. In spite of our belief this project would bring a million dollars or more each year into the City’s coffers for budget relief, we recognize the idea is going nowhere. We take full responsibility for failing to adequately communicate the true character of our planned project to the neighbors. Generators may be used in a camp ground but they are never used in a high end luxury RV resort.

We were encouraged by the public comments of Commissioner Filkoff and Commissioner Gass, recognizing an RV resort will be an important addition to the City and to the island, but we can read the tea leaves on the Canopy site. We will immediately shift our interest to other properties not owned by the City and not affiliated with the Golf Club and will remain hopeful Mr. Garrity can achieve some results releasing the Sheffield property with the FAA and securing its access.

Thank you again,

Bob Allison, CEO
Amelia Island’s RV Resorts

Copies to :

Joe Garrity
George Sheffield

March 7, 2013 2:43 p.m.

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