Meeting Notice
Ocean Highway Port Authority
Nassau County

September 8, 2014 8:03 a.m.

While the Fernandina Observer does not usually feature agendas of upcoming public meetings, because of continued public interest and comment on the Port’s Master Plan, rezoning request and pending permit before the DEP, the agenda below is provided as a public service. Consult the Port’s website for additional information and directions:



Wednesday, September 10, 2014
  6:00 P.M. – Regular Monthly Meeting

Commission Chambers- James Page Governmental Complex
 Nassau Place

Yulee, Florida

6:00 p.m.  Meeting called to order:  Chairman


Pledge to Allegiance

Roll Call- Richard Bruce, District 1; Danny Fullwood, District 2, Brian Reaves, District 3;
Carrol Franklin, District 4; Ron Braddock, District 5

1.   Approval of Minutes
August 13, 2014 – Workshop – Budget
August 13, 2014 – Monthly Meeting

2.   Consent Items
• Joint Written Request – $5,000.00 to the Maintenance Account
• Joint Written Request – $845.70 – Harden & Associates – Liability Insurance
• Joint Written Request – $8,457.00 F.M.I.T – Liability Insurance
• Joint Written Request – $4,101.46 JP Morgan- Bond Remarketing Fees

3.   Secretary / Treasurer Report
• Monthly Treasurer’s Report for August 2014
• Account Summary

4.   Report by Pierre LaPorte – Accountant
• Review of 2014-2015 Budget

5.   Report of Clyde W. Davis, Legal Counsel
• Attorney’s Report
• Articles for the Newsleader and Nassau Record
• Resolution – Budget 2014-2015

6.   Report by Val Schwec- Nassau Terminals/Kinder Morgan
• Port Operations & Port Commercial Report
• Port Projects Update-

7.   Old Business

8.   New Business
• Courson & Stam –Engagement Letter – 2014-2015
• Joanna R. Cason – MOU – 2014-2015
• Davis, Broussard, Martin, Bernard & Steger PA – MOU 2014-2015
• Meeting with City of Fernandina Planning Advisory Board
• Committee Reports from Commissioners
• Port Security – Commissioner Bruce
• Custom’s House – Chairman Franklin
• FMX – Commissioner Fullwood
• Economic Development – Commissioner Fullwood
• Emergency Management – Commissioner Fullwood
• TCC– Commissioner Braddock
• TPO – Commissioner Reaves

9.   Administrative Office Manager Report

10. Other items to be brought by Commissioners

11. New Business Development Reports by Commissioners

12. Comments — Audience

13. Adjourn

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Steve Crounse
Steve Crounse (@guest_21460)
8 years ago

To All, Mark this on your calendar and tell your friends who love this island. Lets have a turn out so large that we can’t all get in the chambers. we must stop this madness!!!

Faith Ross
Faith Ross (@guest_21499)
8 years ago
Reply to  Steve Crounse

You can thank ONE citizen, that I know of, for putting the Air Permit for hauling coal on HOLD. Legally, the only way to put the permit on hold is to file a “petition” for an administrative hearing (a legal document). And it had to be filed before September 10th.
The City Commissioners were given the information to do so. The City of Fernandina may “join” as a party to the petition if they so choose. They may have talked to the Florida Department of the Environment representative and asked for a public meeting because it truly is on hold due to legal reasons, but to my knowledge, they have not joined the legal petition.
Mr. Bean and Ms. Atkins may join the petition also. But I have heard no one say they have joined the legal proceeding to stop the permit from being issued. They take the credit for one citizen.

Steve Crounse
Steve Crounse (@guest_21465)
8 years ago

Just stopped in at Janet Atkins office to get there read on what’s going on at the Port, met with Jim Adams and a young man names Zimmerman. Janet has received a bunch of Emails, Called Jim to find out all the details. Priority being the permitting from Kinder Morgan to degrade our air. They seemed to be concerned and on top of it. Went to City Hall talked to Joe Garity, Nice guy, didn’t seem to concerned about the Whole issue but would pay attention to what’s going on.
I looked back on comments make on sept. 2nd by Faith Ross She said” remember Richard Bruce makes his living from the Port,He’s a customs broker. Wow, that’s like putting the Fox in charge of the Chicken coop. Who’s best interest is he looking out for? What a set of Cahonies. How could this man run for OHPA commissioner, What a conflict of interest.

Steven Crounse
Steven Crounse (@guest_21489)
8 years ago

To All, just got a call from janet atkins office, She has been in touch with DEP, concerning Air Permit for Kinder Morgan. It is on HOLD until She and Aaron bean can have a town meeting here in Oct. time to announced. Thanks to all are emails to DEP , Janet and Aaron. Go team

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