Police blotter blast . . .

Submitted by Deborah Lavery Powers

Staff Reporter

Fernandina Beach Police Station
Fernandina Beach Police Station

Highlights from some recent narrative police reports on file at the Fernandina Police Department

She’s just 17 – and pregnant.  Her father put her belongings out on the front porch after “she was staying out all night and refusing to come home.”  Father advised she is welcome to return when she is ready to “listen.”  Daughter doesn’t want to go home.  She just wants her Social Security Card which Father is refusing to give her until she turns 18.    Daughter appeared in good health and has Medicaid coverage.  Her not wanting to return home seems like a “family issue,”  not a neglect issue.   Father was reminded that he is responsible for Daughter until she is 18.  And Daughter was advised to contact Legal Aid for help.

A large restaurant window was extensively damaged.   Maybe by a BB.  Or perhaps a pellet gun.  It matters not.  Estimated cost to replace the window?  $1000.Her purse had no money in it — put it contained six steaks.  Worth $87.66.   She asked the store manager not to have her arrested because she has a four year old daughter at home.  She was transported to the Nassau County Jail.

A citizen “stumbled multiple times” after exiting her car which was illegally parked  (after midnight) in a city lot with its motor running and lights on.  She had to grab hold of the side of the vehicle to keep from falling.  And she smelled strongly of alcohol.  But she assured  the police officer that she hadn’t had anything to drink.  And wasn’t on any medicines   Nor did she have any health issues.  She was transported to the Nassau County Jail.  And her car was towed.

It all started when one citizen had a “dire” need to use the bathroom and another was in the stall.  When the occupant came out, an argument ensued.  It became physical when the first one tried to pull the waiting one out of the bathroom.  By her hair.  There were no independent witnesses —  nor signs of physical injury.  Just two intoxicated women, one of whom was “adamant” about pressing charges against the other.

The door to the shop wasn’t locked nor the security alarm on.  But there was a red steel bar across the front door and someone attempted to gain access to the shop by banging on  the bar.  With vigor.  The steel bar was dented/damaged.  The tool used may have been a 2×4 found next to the door with red paint on it.  Entry wasn’t gained.  And nothing was missing.

A homeowner left her garage door open off and on for  five days.  During one of those “open” moments, her $500 bicycle was removed from its hanger and stolen.  The homeowner reported the colors or the bicycle (yellow and white) and also mentioned that  the handlebars were scuffed from where she had fallen from it.

Post note:  two days later, the “new owner” of the yellow and white bike parked it in front of the police station when he went inside the building.  Said  “new owner” left the building via police cruiser — on his way to the  Nassau County Jail.

A citizen worked at the store for almost two years before deciding to steal from it by, in effect, trading grocery coupons for lottery tickets.   The “trading” process involved more than one step.  But, by using it,  the employee managed to steal between $500 and $835 over three months.  She went to jail.

The truck driver had made deliveries to the store in the past with no problems.  This time his semi hit a low-hanging electrical wire.  Police were called when workers inside heard a loud noise and the lights went out.

A citizen left her purse on the seat beside her husband when she went to the restroom at a local lounge.  The purse was missing when she returned.  The next day, the citizen cancelled her credit cards and went to get a new license. Her reason for reporting the loss?  She learned a new license would  cost $6 instead of $31 if a police report was filed.

The tires of two cars belonging to one owner were found deflated in a complex parking lot.  The owner’s daughter wonders if her ex-boyfriend might have let the air out.  Charges will be filed if the deflated tires prove to have been punctured.

The house was locked, but the back door was pried open with a crowbar.  Two televisions and some $200 were stolen.  But left behind were “numerous” other computers and televisions and two safes.  All  in plain view.  As was an expensive mountain bike.  The owner/occupant seemed truly “astonished” by the ransacking and thefts.  He kept repeating that he was leaving town the next day and couldn’t  think of anyone who would do this to him.

Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn?  That’s pretty far away but that’s where someone tried to withdraw money from an ATM using a Fernandina citizen’s cash card.  The first attempt failed.  Tried to withdraw more than the daily limit.  The second attempt worked.  The bank was notified and the card cancelled.

She’s just 19.  But she went to jail the other night.  Underage drinking at a local bar.  Bud Light.

Editor’s Note: After a career in adult education, where writing, course design and development were her “beat”, Deborah is now enjoying the world of freelancing. And volunteering. We thank Deborah  for her contributions.

February 4, 2013 1:00 p.m.

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Mike Boyle
Mike Boyle(@mikemikeboyle-org)
11 years ago

These “police blotter reports” are entertaining, but they could be entertaining AND useful if names of stores, locations, etc. were included. Since this type of information (including the names of people involved) is all part of the public record, I don’t see why it is not shared with your readers. Without being able to relate these cases to a particular local area, neighborhood, or merchant, we might as well be reading police reports from Jacksonville or Detroit.