Police blotter blast . . .

Submitted by Deborah Lavery Powers

Highlights from some of the narrative police reports on file at the Fernandina Peck School, Police station, Rape bathroom 030Police Department through January 13.

The police first asked a woman involved in a verbal dispute to, please leave the hotel lobby. She was escorted outside by a friend.  But she started another dispute once in the parking lot.  A name check showed she had an “active capias” (warrant) outstanding in Duval County.  The dispute was over at that point.  The “disputer”  found herself arrested and  on her way to the Police Station.

The daughter’s anti-pyschotic drugs are always stored in a brown paper bag in her mother’s closet.  And Mom locks her bedroom door every night.  As well as  the house every time she leaves it.  Mom is also the only one who has keys to the house.  Yet, the drugs disappeared. Daughter doesn’t think her mother stole the drugs, but she still wanted to file a police report  of “theft” so her doctor could/would issue her a refill prescription.

Police were dispatched to two possible structural fires last week.   They assisted Fire/Rescue in securing the areas while the fires were put out. More details may be found by clicking here.

An adult (someone 18 or older) had his bike stolen while he was sitting atop the roof of a shop in a strip mall here in town.  He didn’t hear anything or see anything or notice anything unusual while he was up there drinking his “power aid” — but he did find out, once he got down to ground again,  that his bicycle was no longer where he left it.

He/she was perhaps a would-be burglar, but whoever it was  left  before taking anything even though a laptop and X-Box game system, and other valuables, were in plain sight.  It appeared to the owner that the individual might have left because he/she heard her (the owner) returning to the house.  Access was gained through an unlocked back window.

A citizen reported “an unusual occurrence.”   His neighbor’s wife was seen video recording him as he drove down Sadler Road one day.  For an unknown reason.  The citizen did, however, mention that there is “some hostility” in his neighborhood.

Four slashed tires were found on a car when the owner returned to where she parked it the evening before.    She suspected the criminal mischief might  have been accomplished by one of two ex-boyfriends. But that couldn’t be so.  Both were incarcerated at the time of the slashing.

A purse was left somewhere on the 10th of January.  Perhaps at the grocery store?  But it hadn’t been turned in when the owner went back to ask about it on the 12th.  She reported it stolen.

Another citizen believes her purse was stolen from her grocery cart after she had unloaded it.  When she reported the theft, a review of the store’s video surveillance didn’t show any footage of a purse being stolen in the parking lot.   $150 in cash, plus various credit cards and ID,  are gone.

An individual pawned a bicycle that wasn’t hers to pawn because she needed medications and transportation money to go to her grandparents home in Georgia following surgery.  She received $20  from the pawn shop.

A citizen reported  her off-white wallet was stolen out of her purse while she was in a local department store on the 11th of January.  She reported the theft on the 12th after not finding the wallet at home, where she thought she might have left it when she couldn’t find it while at the department store.

One fellow reported he had “lost” his vehicle’s registration tag.  It was gone when he went to get into his vehicle at going-home-time one afternoon.

Two sisters admitted they had become involved in an argument which evolved into a pushing match during  their father’s birthday party.   The parents stated it was just a “minor incident,” and both women claimed to be the victim of a misunderstanding.  No charges were filed.  (Happy birthday, Dad!)

A visibly upset  guest and  the hotel desk clerk apparently knew each other because the guest angrily  told the clerk,  in the presence of Police, “I baby sitted your children for years while you were a drunken person running around the island or whatever it is you did.  And this is all you can do to help me?”  The guest then turned to the police officer and added, “You are a piece of work, and worthless as the day is long.”  The guest was given the choice of returning to her room quietly or leaving the establishment.   She returned to her room.  No further commotions were reported.

An arrow inadvertently ended up stuck in the side of a house —   a neighbor’s house — not in the house of the arrow owner.    The owner of the arrow was advised that target practice with a bow and arrow  in his back yard was a dangerous thing to do.  He agreed not to do so again.

An individual admitted to making a threatening telephone call to a man he wanted to “scare” because he thought the man was spreading nasty rumors about his sister.

A man stopped for driving without headlights on, was also discovered to be driving on a suspended license.  He acknowledged that he knew he was,  but that  “Baby Momma was supposed to take care of that.”  His apparent intoxication, inability to walk steadily, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech were noted in the report.  He was arrested on a DUI.

Since early December, a citizen has been reporting a “trespass warned”individual showing up inside her apartment several times, but the intruder was always gone by  the time police arrived.  And he couldn’t be located.  This time things were different.  The citizen videotaped the “trespass warned”  one lying on her sofa before she called the police. And then she followed him up the street, keeping him in eye’s view until Police arrived.   The intruder acknowledged that he was inside the apartment, but said he was there to “visit a friend.”  He was arrested for Trespass After Warning.

A man who was arrested on a DUI reported that he had consumed multiple scotch beverages at a downtown bar before heading out of town and down Fletcher Avenue. When he was stopped for sliding through a stop sign and driving 46 mph in a 35 mph zone, he was unable to keep his balance and had to hold onto the side of the car for support.

A man whose undesired sexual advances were rebuffed on his second date with a woman he had known for years, chose to show his displeasure with her rejection by spitting in her face as he exited her back door.

Editor’s Note: After a career in adult education, where writing, course design and development were her “beat”, Deborah is now enjoying the world of freelancing. And volunteering. We thank Deborah  for her contributions.

January 20, 2013 9:32 p.m.

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Tom (@guest_3263)
11 years ago

Some of these segments are ridiculously inane!

Sandra Baker-Hinton
Sandra Baker-Hinton(@sbhsandrabaker-hinton-com)
11 years ago
Reply to  Tom

Yes but aren’t we happy to have those kinds of reports rather than drive by shootings and major thefts, plus they give us a chuckle.