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The following are highlights taken from narrative reports on file at the Fernandina Police Department                                         


It matters not whether you’re a local who lets your dog run on loose in the middle of the night (3:24 a.m.) or if you’re a visitor who does the same thing in the early evening (7:22 p.m.),  the fine is the same!   $75.00.


Witness thought the Bully was just trying to intimidate him but “it didn’t work.”  The intimidation came in the form of Bully pointing a firearm at the ground, and pulling back the slide on it!   But Witness said he never feared for his life.  This non-life-threatening “event” took place at a local hotel.   It may have been non-life-threatening, but the commotion involved in the fight — including the yelling involved  — resulted in Bully and his Brother Bully being handcuffed and arrested for Disorderly Conduct at a Food/Lodging establishment.  The gun in question was found hidden under the bed in the Bullies’ room.


The  Visiting Teens were given permission to go for a walk along Centre/Atlantic.  So far, so good.    But at 11:45 p.m., a  car  pulled up beside the boys,  then cut them off  at a street corner when they tried to change direction on the sidewalk.and walk back toward the center of town.    The Robbers, inside the vehicle,   demanded Visiting Teens also get inside.    Teens refused, but  thinking fast, offered up their wallets and cellphones to the Robbers.   And handed them over upon demand.  At that point Robbers in car fled away .  Visiting Teens  ran to a nearby restaurant to call 911.    One of the  cellphone was “pinged” just west of Shave Bridge before this case was handed over to the Investigations Division.  The Driver Robber was wearing a bandana over the face —  up to his eyes.  Passenger Robber was not.  He just sat there, ready  to be easily described.  Driver Robber wore a “white ‘wife beater’ type shirt.”  [Google tells me that a “wife beater” type shirt is one that is sleeveless and underwear-looking, like the one Marlo Brando wore in Streetcar Named Desire.]


You’re downtown at lunchtime, and you see a small plastic baggie near the curb with a brown leafy substance in it.    Wadda’ ya’ do?  Our Good Citizen flagged down a Police officer.     And yes, “brown leafy” turned out to be marijuana.


Yesterday, one of our Police Officers spent some time at the home of  Our Citizen, who explained to the officer that he has been “Baker-Act-ed” numerous times due to suicidal threats and acts, the most recent time about a month ago.    Though Our Citizen feels sure his two ex-wives have conspired  to have his telephone installed with a worm that allows them to eavesdrop on his conversations with his attorney, he was not sure he wanted to pursue charges against them because he still loves them both,  so the Officer filed his report as being “informational only,\.”


If your cell phone has a number beginning with the area code of 828 — and the cell phone happens to be  missing, it may be in the evidence room at Police Headquarters.  It was found in 100 block on Centre Street on the 21st.


Extremely Distraught Victim #2, in torn shirt, with blood droplets on his arm and neck,  called out  to Police as they were entering the driveway. “Please hurry, [Accused] is going crazy in there!”  Police rushed in to find the house in disarray, with broken picture frames on the floor, a door hanging by its hinges, and  Victim #1, with a red bruise on her head — allegedly the result of her being punched in the head (as well as having been kicked in the stomach) by her daughter, the Accused.    The safety of a baby was at stake.  The Department of Children and Family Services will conduct an investigation.

And the Accused was arrested.


It is called a Violation of Injunction when Ex-Boyfriend , as the result of a Domestic Violence Court decision, decides to  invade the legally prohibited “space” around Ex-Girlfriend.    But  our Ex apparently decided to do just that.   According to Ex-Girlfriend,  her “former” not not only followed her and New Boyfriend to her house, but then proceeded to follow them to the front entrance of the Police Station where they decided to go to seek assistance rather than having her get  out of New Boyfriend’s car at her own home.  The three apparently got into a loud argument in front of Police Headquarters, with Ex threatening  to “”&^%$* kill ” the New Boyfriend before all three then departed  the Police compound at a high rate of speed, with Ex in close pursuit of  the couple.  Since the Injunction specified that Ex could not “follow, harass or assault” his former girlfriend, he ended up in jail that night.  In other words, Police caught up with the fleeing cars — and him. And confirmed her version of the story.


Deb Powers Cropped 3Editor’s Note: After a career in adult education, where writing, course design and development were her “beat”, Deborah now enjoys the world of freelancing, and volunteering.  Deborah covers the police beat for the Fernandina Observer writing weekly “Police blotter blasts . . .”   We thank Deborah for her many contributions.

May 23, 2013 10:15 p.m.

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Gerry Guthrie
Gerry Guthrie (@guest_15874)
10 years ago

Sure miss Deb’s column