Petree seeks re-election to Nassau County School Board

Press Release
July 18, 2018 11:00 a.m.

Jonathan Petree

Jonathan Petree, Nassau County School Board member, District 5 has been working hard to preserve “the jewel” that is Nassau County for our children, and our grandchildren. As a teacher’s kid, business owner, teacher of an after school program for students 7-12 years old, as well as being a personal/public safety consultant, he brings a unique cross section of skills from both the public and private sectors. This experience allows him to understand issues and complex budgets on both a micro, and macro level. He has the right experience, at the right time, on the Nassau County School Board.

Jonathan has been working tirelessly since his election in 2016, and has already increased school safety in and around Nassau County schools, and is actively involved to increase the safety at all of Nassau County’s schools each year. Here are just a few examples:

  • Public Safety: Callahan Intermediate School- School Zone Flashing Caution Lights Installed in 2017.
  • School Safety: November 2017 meeting in Washington, D.C. with Congressman Rutherford resulting in extra school safety funding for 2019 through 2028.
  • March 2018: Active Shooter Awareness in Educational Institutions training and certification.
  • Personally met with Chief Hurley, the Sheriff, and School Resource Officers regarding securing our schools in 2017, 2018.

NCSD has thorough, multi-layered, school safety measures that are in place, and more being implemented every day this summer, with continued improvements moving forward.

In addition, Mr. Petree has been a champion for Career and Vocational Education during his first term on the Nassau County School Board. He has been effective in changing the narrative by promoting vocational education as a “first choice”, not just an alternative to the college track. Many of the students in the Nassau County School District’s CTE programs, such as, HVAC, Electrical, Machine Shop, Building Construction, Automotive Shop, and our Vystar Financial Academy have jobs waiting for them with local companies as soon they graduate.

Mr. Petree is accessible, and promotes transparency and accountability through open communication both online, and in person. In addition, he has a track record of returning 100% of his phone calls, affectively giving parents, students, and teachers a voice. He has attended all scheduled, and unscheduled, school board meetings, workshops, and related functions during his first term in office. In addition, he has been constantly in the schools, especially the vocational education classes.

Jonathan Petree’s family has been in Callahan, Florida for 110 years. Growing up, he was raised on a farm on Petree Road and graduated from West Nassau High School. After high school Jonathan attended both Valdosta State University and the University of North Florida, graduating from UNF with a Bachelors of Business Administration degree. After college, he worked for several years in the banking industry. From there, he enjoyed a decade long career in healthcare education. In 2002, he founded Atlantic Warriors, LLC, and has owned and operated that successful teaching, mentoring, training, and consulting business for 16 years.

Jonathan is a dedicated husband, father of 4 young children, business owner, educator, and community leader. He and his family attend Gray Gables Baptist Church in Callahan. His mother, Lynda Petree, former West Nassau High School, and Hilliard Middle-Senior High School teacher, is the last living founding member of the church. Mr. Petree comes from a long line of educators, as there are more than a half dozen current and former school teachers in his family.

Since he come from a family of educators, and his mom was a teacher most of his life, Mr. Petree has a unique perspective that he brings to the school board as a “teacher’s kid”. As a result, his very first action after being sworn in to office was at the school board’s Legislative Priorities Meeting. Mr. Petree spearheaded an effort to protect our Nassau County School District employees’ participation in the Florida Retirement System pension retirement plan, and also protect the Nassau County School Board health insurance subsidy that reduces the cost of monthly health insurance premiums. Because of this first-time action, a whole new category was created, and added to our State Legislative Priorities named, “Florida Retirement System”.

More recently, the school board found a way to give 3 new half days of planning time to teachers for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year, as well as, salary raises for teachers, bus drivers, and a new promotion tier for maintenance employees. These actions will help retain top talent, and recruit top talent to teach in Nassau County Schools.

Jonathan was raised with traditional values and is the conservative’s choice, for a conservative voice, on the school board of Nassau County.

Please support the re-election of Jonathan Petree, Nassau County School Board member, District 5 with your vote in this August’s primary election. He has the Right experience, at the Right time, for Nassau County Schools.

To become a campaign volunteer or host an event, please call 904-415-4164 or e-mail [email protected].