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Patricia Taylor
Patricia Taylor (@guest_61965)
2 years ago

The “Prince of Old Town” has left us all bereft. He was NOT that old. I suppose, absent an autopsy, we will never know why or how he departed. No matter what day or time of night every January I would arrive, windshield-weary from Long Island, he just somehow knew and was always waiting on my breezeway to greet me loudly & cuddle. I woke every morning to find him waiting patiently on my porch rail to be let in, imperiously demanding his Meow Mix, with his “entourage” of neighborhood strays in tow (to be fed at appropriate distances from “his majesty”, for sure): Jet-the-Heavyweight black cat and an unfortunately homely orange boy I named Garfield. All the gang, including his humans, will miss him terribly. RIP my fluffy friend!

CHUCK HALL (@guest_61972)
2 years ago

Glad to hear he had good humans to care for him, and that he passed away near them. There is at least some closure.

Cats up this way are disappearing, and the coyotes are increasing in population, a sad coincidence.

We now bring the cats in at night, and hope to avoid such tragic endings.