Nassau County Declares State of Emergency

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Susan Hardee Steger

At a special meeting, on Tuesday, May 29, at 6:00 p.m. the Nassau County Commissioners declared a state of emergency for Nassau County in order to seek possible FEMA funds.

Berly's Billowing Storm Clouds

“This is the beginning of a long process,” says County Commissioner Steve Kelley, “and we are not sure of the outcome. “

In order for the county to receive FEMA funds, a State of Emergency must be declared. Governor Rick Scott must then approve the county request and commit state funding and resources for the recovery efforts.

Even with the governor’s approval and state funding support, there is still no guarantee of funding at the federal level.
Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown declared a state of emergency in Duval County on Saturday, and encouraged the neighboring northeast counties of Nassau, St Johns, and Putnam counties to join Duval County in their FEMA funding efforts.

As far as the county response to the impact of Tropical Storm Beryl, Commissioner Kelley says. ” This is a great practice run should a major level storm come our way. Let’s see how well we manage the test .”