Nassau County Commissioner Stacy Johnson Steps Down as Board Chair

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Susan Hardee Steger

Nassau County Commissioner Stacy Johnson plans to relinquish her position as board chair but will continue to serve as county commissioner for district 3 until her term ends in November.   A written statement presented to the commission by Johnson at the beginning of the meeting, was read by Johnson’s attorney Gary Baker only after criticism of Johnson from Bryceville resident Angie Hall.

Hall indicated that after she listened to the police audio recording of Johnson’s arrest, she  asked the governor to dismiss Johnson from the board. The audio of Johnson’s DUI arrest, is being used by Baker as support for Johnson’s defense.

Following Hall’s comment, Attorney Gary Baker urged “fair minded people to wait and see what comes out,” and that Commissioner Johnson “is innocent until proven guilty.”

After input from County Attorney David Hallman, a vote was taken to appoint current Vice-Chair Danny Leeper as commission chair beginning July 9.

June 25, 2012

8:00 p.m.





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Angie Hall
Angie Hall(@hallangelwindstream-net)
11 years ago

I’m glad I spoke out and I would do it again. Nassau County residents should expect the best representation from their elected officials. Stacy Johnson’s immature and profanity-laced performance on the video is sad. Bar fights and arrested on suspicion of DUI are not what I expect from someone representing me. Congratulations to Commissioner Leeper. He’s a fine man and a leader who has the utmost respect for the office he holds.