Nassau County Board of Commission talks trash

By Cindy Jackson
March 22, 2019 9:30 a.m.

Talking trash could well have been the theme of the meeting of the Board of County Commissioners on the morning of March 20, 2019.

Becky Diden, with the Department of Solid Waste addressed the commissioners about the many challenges facing the Nassau County Convenience Recycling Center located in Callahan (46026 Landfill Road).

Ostensibly, Ms. Diden was there to request the BOCC rescind two ordinances enacted in 2009 and 2010 – both of which related to the type of waste accepted and fees charged at the Nassau County Convenience Recycling Center. At the time, both resolutions were approved in response to the closing of the West Nassau Landfill in 2009. At the time, they seemed like a good idea.

According to the County’s website:

Effective October 1, 2010 the Nassau County Convenience Recycling Center located at 46026 Landfill Road Callahan Fl 32011, [was to] accept residential waste generated by Nassau County residents at no charge. The Convenience Center [was to also] accept for recycling: glass, office paper, cardboard, newspapers, magazines, automotive batteries, scrap metals, plastics, aluminum cans, tires and electronics.

Yard waste and residential construction demolition debris (such as carpet and remodeling material) [was] not be accepted at the Center. [Those ] items were to be taken to the Sandhill Recycle Center located on CR108 in Yulee.

In addition, [the fees established as of September 8, 2010], were as follows:

– Residential Household Trash FREE (if hauled directly by Nassau County Residents)
– White Goods (Washer, Dryer, Refrigerator, Air-conditioner) FREE
– Tires Four (4) FREE per year per household. Passenger car/pickup truck tires. (All tires must be off the rim)
– Scrap Metal/Recyclables FREE

Since then, however, The Recycling Center has seen a significant increase in use (and abuse). As a result, the center must haul must of what it collects elsewhere — and that costs Nassau County even more money.

In the course of her presentation, Diden indicated that approximately 30% of the trash comes from the Amelia Island/Yulee area and the remainder from Callahan, Bryceville and Hilliard.

To get the excess material out of Nassau County, Nassau County pays the Camden County Landfill $24.36 per ton. And, the number of tons received each year continues to increase. (See Chart)

For instance, on any given Saturday, Diden reported the Callahan facility sees, on average, some 250 trucks.

The commissioners voted 5-0 to approve a resolution limiting truckloads to no more than two per day and in addition, the facility will no longer accept rental property clean-outs or those attributed to foreclosures.

County Attorney/County Manager called the resolution a “stopgap measure” and added “we can’t charge enough to recoup the manpower for the hauling.”

Additional analysis including a review of other pertinent ordinances will be undertaken.

Between now and the next meeting of the BOCC on Monday, March 25th at 6PM, Nassau County residents may want to think about concurrency relating to planning for new schools, speed bumps versus speed humps and HB 1159 which relates to private property rights . . . and the canopy of Amelia Island.

In the interim, questions or concerns should be addressed to your elected commissioner. Contact info is as follows:

District One
Commissioner: Daniel B. Leeper, Vice-Chairman
District One: Fernandina Beach
Term: November 22, 2016 – November 16, 2020
County Cell Ph: (904) 430-3868
[email protected]

District Two
Commissioner: Aaron C. Bell
District Two: South Amelia Island, Nassauville, O’Neil
Term: November 20, 2018 – November 14, 2022
County Cell Ph: (904) 451-4094
[email protected]

District Three
Commissioner: Pat Edwards
District Three: Yulee, Chester, Blackrock
Term: November 22, 2016 – November 16, 2020
County Cell Ph: (904) 335-0260
[email protected]

District Four
Commissioner: Thomas R. Ford
District Four: Hilliard, Bryceville, Boulougne, Kings Ferry, Nassau Oaks
Term: November 20, 2018 – November 14, 2022
County Cell Ph: (904) 451-0766
[email protected]

District 5
Commissioner Justin Taylor
[email protected]

Editor’s Note: Born in Hagerstown, Maryland, Cindy received her BA in Political Science from Dickinson College. Upon graduation, Cindy began her career on Capitol Hill working as a legislative aide and director. She later became a part of the public relations and lobbying team of the American Iron and Steel Institute and served as director of the office of state legislative affairs for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). Cindy was involved in economic development with the state of Maryland, and served as executive director of Leadership Washington County. As a community volunteer, Cindy participates in numerous volunteer activities serving as a member of Sunrise Rotary, and as board member of Cummer Amelia Board of Directors.

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