Music Training Opportunity for Children

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church is offering at no cost to children ages 6 to 12 years old a music education program worth over $1,500 per 16-week semester! All children in the community are eligible, regardless of church affiliation.

Children accepted to the St. Peter’s Choir School will enjoy learning and practicing the skills necessary to become life-long musicians. Through singing, playing piano and rhythmic movement, students will come to know how music provides the much-needed means to express emotions and how music brings all sorts of different people together for a common ministry to the community.

By studying the great music of the church, old and new, children will build self-confidence, strengthen their voices and improve mental acuity. It is widely known that children who seriously study music are creative thinkers, problem solvers and achievers.

So as to maintain quality instruction, only 20 places will be available this fall, so apply now! Classes will meet for 2 hours each week beginning Wednesday, August 24.

Classes will be taught by Timothy McKee, (Doctorate in music, The Juilliard School) who has enjoyed many years successfully leading children’s music education programs.

Children who apply will be asked to:

1)     listen to a simple rhythm several times and then clap the rhythm

2)     sing at least part of a song of their choice, i.e. Happy Birthday, Old MacDonald, ABC [alphabet song]

3)     listen to a short, simple melody (3 to 5 notes) several times and then sing it.

This helps the teacher determine how to begin instruction.

For answers to questions and for more information contact Tim McKee.

[email protected]

St. Peter’s Church 904-261-4293 ext. 106