Marina Projects Update

By Mike Lednovich

Deputy City Manager/City Engineer Charlie George updated the Marina Advisory Board Monday on numerous projects currently underway or in the planning stages for the near future. The projects include:

– Marina dredging near the south docks is starting in January with a cost of $812,000 and removal of 12,000 cubic yards. Dredging will take about five weeks to complete.

– Fuel system repairs are still in process. The UL rating on the electrical box is taking time to complete. The UL rating on an electrical box is a measure of the safety and performance of the box in different conditions.

– Boardwalk repairs on the north side of Brett’s Waterway Cafe will start this week and take several days.

– Security gates for the docks are in fabrication. Keyless locks are on order and the project will be completed in 30 days once the fencing and locks are delivered.

– Mooring buoy replacements will be included in the 2024-25 budget.

– Protective devices around electrical pedestals and the pump box are being installed to protect them from boat strikes.

– A marina master plan for the next five years will include repairs, renovations, extensions, etc. It will also include access planning during any waterfront design. Also hurricane protection improvements such as how the gangways are situated during a storm.

– Bathhouse renovations to limit damage from flooding.

Marina Advisory Board Chairman Joe Blanchard asked about plans to extend the northern docks once the deauthorized Amelia River Federal Navigation Channel is moved to the west.

“The biggest thing with that is the budget,” George said. “That’s the first thing we talked about going that way because the water depth is more consistent. The intent is to go about 500 feet more and that just becomes a budget thing on how much we can do.”

The estimated costs to extend the northern docks are several million dollars.