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Lyn Pannone 

Business expansion threatens trees

Amelia Island is about to lose some of it’s loveliest assets, namely some beautiful, stately trees, due to a business expansion project. The natural beauty of this island makes it unique, but if we keep destroying that which makes it beautiful and unique, our island will be just like so many other areas along the Atlantic coast in Florida. We are destroying the proverbial goose that laid the golden egg when we allow business development to continue to eliminate our coastal trees that are centuries old. If we continue to allow this to occur, these changes to our island will adversely impact all of us.

Flash Foods
Flash Foods

Specifically, I refer to the Flash Foods project at the intersection of A1A and South Fletcher at the roundabout. After speaking with staff in the county Growth Management Office, I learned that the project complies with all necessary legal requirements. However, I am hopeful that we could save at least 1 or 2 of the old growth trees that have been designated to be destroyed.

Based on the drawings of the parking area that have been filed with the county, it seems that this could be accomplished with the cooperation of the property owner, The Jones Company.


Threatened trees (Construction Equipment is for the Gas Line)
Threatened trees

Unfortunately, time is of the essence, as this project appears to be moving along very swiftly. The retail store and the gas pumps have been removed and they appear ready to start clearing the land, including the stately trees that cover much of the property. Let’s join together to let Flash Foods know this is unacceptable, as numerous trees could be saved if they slightly modified the parking area for their property. They cannot be allowed to destroy Amelia Island’s trees!

Sign the petition now. The petition is on-line at ipetitions.com  In the search box on the right side of the page type in Save Amelia’s Trees. After signing, there is a box that allows you to type in additional email addresses so you can pass the petition along and get more signatures. Please help save some trees. Please help save some trees.

January 19, 2013 10:37 a.m.

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claudette Pelsor
claudette Pelsor (@guest_3380)
11 years ago

I was interested in signing the petition for Save Amelia Island’s Trees, but when I tried to sign it there was a password required. I don’t know what password is being ask for. Thanks, Claudette