Leatherback Turtle captured and released

Photos and information
courtesy of Vice Mayor Len Kreger
March 17, 2018 9:00 a.m.

Last weekend, with preparations for Fernandina’s beach renourishment in full swing,  a release of a leatherback turtle took place at Peter’s Point on Amelia Island.  According to Vice Mayor Len Kreger, as part of the renourishment project managed by the Corps of Engineers, trawlers are employed to circulate in front of the dredge to “scare away” the endangered species. These species are  mainly sea turtles and Atlantic Sturgen.

According to Kreger, this particular leatherback located in the vicinity of the dredge, met a predetermined “take” threshold requiring an additional trawler to move in for the  capture.

A leatherback turtle is released by Florida Fish and Wildlife, assisted by the Amelia Island Sea Turtle Watch and local citizens. Photo courtesy of Len Kreger.
Leatherback heads home. Photo courtesy of Len Kreger.

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