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Chris Moore riding his custom bike
Chris Moore riding his custom bike

You have probably seen this guy riding an odd looking big bicycle around town and wondered who it was and what the story was.  I caught up with Chris Moore at his real job at Quality Health to ask him all about it and him. 

Chris is a lifelong resident of Fernandina Beach, growing up loving baseball and biking. He first saw a guy riding a regular bicycle doing freestyle and decided he could do that.  From then on, baseball was out of the picture and biking was in.  He began a career in fixing things and maintenance work.  He started work with a local maintenance company, went on to a lawn business, and finally, 11 years ago started working at Quality Health in Maintenance.  Not only is his a friendly face in the halls, but he takes care of the beautiful plants and flowers outside and in the building as well.Bike 4

Coincidentally, he built his two story bike 11 years ago and can be seen riding it everywhere.  Trailing behind could be any of his 6 children.  He could be hauling his kayak or anything else. Chris builds these unique bikes from recycled parts which he collects or buys for a nominal fee from recycling businesses and passes them on to grateful kids of all ages around town.

So, as he says, “what could be better than living in this island paradise and doing what you love?”  

Bike 1
Chris Moore

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of  “Know your neighbor” articles.  Help us identify individuals in the community who have interesting stories to tell by contacting [email protected]

Gerry began free lance writing for fun and is the author of a published book (available on Amazon and at Books Plus) about funny real estate experiences.  Gerry is a longtime member of our local American Business Women’s Chapter, a volunteer cancer driver and church deacon who loves to read, travel and meet interesting people.

August 15, 2013 5:19 p.m.

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Pam Hart
Pam Hart (@guest_15807)
10 years ago

Really enjoyed this article. I’ve always been curious about his story when seeing him ride his bike down Centre street.

John Kenney
John Kenney (@guest_15809)
10 years ago

Ok, most excellent to know this. But you’ve left out the thing everyone (or at least me) wants to know about this guy: how does he get on and off that darn thing?