KM Coal

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mikespino (@guest_21691)
8 years ago

If you ever needed a reason to vote for Charlie Crist, this is it. Rick Scott will approve this permit the next time it comes around.

Dave Lott
Dave Lott (@guest_21703)
8 years ago

Mike, I am pretty sure the Governor does not have to approve the permits issued by the DEP since it is an administrative responsibility of the DEP and not legislative.
A big THANKS to Roy Smith for bringing this request to the attention of the City and the citizens in the first place. Had not Roy done so, I am sure that the permit would have been issued as requested.

mikespino (@guest_21707)
8 years ago
Reply to  Dave Lott

As a 30 year public servant I can tell you that the Governor sets the tone and the standards for which administrative permits will be allowed. If Rick Scott wants coal in Fernandina then there will be coal.

Karen Thompson
Karen Thompson (@guest_21708)
8 years ago

David, you know as well as I do that Rick Scott and his cronies have gutted the Florida DEP’s regulatory responsibilities. If the good citizens of Fernandina Beach had not spoken up, this permit would have passed through with little to no review. The environmental professionals at DEP have their hands tied by GOP policies that favor big business…..thanks to Rick Scott.

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