John Campbell Elwell – A city commission candidate profile . . .

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Candidate John Campbell Elwell

Don Parker

John grew up in Hamilton, Ontario.  His father was an accountant, but after a few mergersand buy-outs emerged as a full partner with Coopers & Lybrand, one of the top accounting firms internationally.

John’s mother was also resourceful securing a master’s degree and becoming an active social worker.

John graduated from the University of British Columbia where he excelled at hockey as well as academics.  He took the double major of history and political science.

After college John coached hockey and taught at the high school level for three years.

John’s first wife and mother of his first two children died leaving him as the sole support and parent.  After those two children had grown up, John married Mary and he now has a third child who is fifteen years old.

During his early years, the lumber business became his profession.  He both enjoyed the work and excelled.  At the local level he joined Rayonier in 1995, increase profits substantially, and in 1997 received the Rayonier Quality Award.

In each of the jobs over thirty-six years his primary areas of responsibility were management sales and marketing.

He explains his motivation for running for the commission are simple.  He thinks the commission needs a new start.  They should stop raising taxes and instead fix the problems.  “They need a plan,” he said, “with a budget in line with expenses and income.”

John says that he has proved his ability to solve business problems over the last thirty-six years, and claims he is strong enough to help return our town to solvency.

Editor’s Note: We thank Don Parker, area poet, writer, and author for compiling profiles on candidates for city commission.   These profiles capture on a more personal level, the personalities, interests, and characteristics of all of our candidates.  Thank you Don for your help, and for a job well done!

October 20, 2012 1:46 p.m.