By Susan Hardee Steger
April 5, 2022

Hurricane season is coming up, and the Florida homeowners’ insurance crisis is in full swing.   A reader asked the Fernandina Observer to post a public service announcement to encourage homeowners to review their insurance coverage.  Florida Building Codes continue to change requiring higher replacement costs for windows and wood products.

According to Scott Moore of 8 Flags Insurance, “It is very important for people to review the replacement costs of their home, espeA cially if they have owned their home for a while and have not reviewed it.”  Since insurance coverage can be confusing, Moore recommends reviewing your policy with your local agent.

The following insurance information is from the Florida Department of Financial Services.  For much more information Google Florida Department of Financial Services, “Homeowners’ Insurance a Tool Kit for Consumers.”


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Ben Martin
Ben Martin (@guest_64503)
10 months ago

Hmmmm………We are advised to buy Insurance, lots of it.

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