If You Like a Cigar and Good Snacks, Ash Street is For You

By Dylan Bailey

Located on Ash Street, a new cigar shop by that name has opened up and brought with it a whole lot of personality. While the offerings of a good smoke have been slim, with Waterwheel Cigar being the big player, I was champing at the bit to see how this would stack up to an already established giant in the cigar world of Amelia Island.

This cigar parlor has found a home in a bungalow built in 1909 and owned by Domingo Fernandez – a ship captain – and was one of the original subdivisions in historic downtown Fernandina Beach. But this parlor is offering more than just cigars. With a long list of wines, craft beers and food, there is a little bit of everything for a relaxed evening.

Walking up the red steps of the parlor and stepping inside is a magical experience. The interior oozes personality with an eclectic mix of cigars, artwork and the multiple rooms that are offered to kick back in. The familiar and intoxicating aroma of cigars is absolutely present and delicious. And speaking of cigars, there is a lot to choose from. I’m not well-versed in what makes a cigar “good,” but I asked for a recommendation and went with one that smelled particularly robust.

I arrived at the parlor with a friend around 6:30 p.m., unsure what to expect. According to the hostess, the first Fridays of each month are their “Flapper Fridays,” in which the staff dress up in their 1920s finest. Again, personality is oozing. I was happy they partnered with local businesses to serve their food. The Patio and Olive Amelia offer a variety of items, but I couldn’t pass up the three appetizers offered by The Patio.

Before the food was ready, I checked out the rest of the parlor. There’s a small bar area at the front, a non-smoking section, two smoking rooms with their own cigar cutters and lighters, and a beautiful backyard to sit in, smoke and enjoy the live music they offer. It’s almost ironic that a cigar parlor offers a non-smoking section, but I’m happy to see they do. However, the smoking sections are where the real magic is at. Separated from the front of the parlor and filled with leather couches, bowls of mini-fudge, and a beautifully relaxed atmosphere, it’s delightful.

With the heat of the harsh sun letting up, I sat outside, under one of the many shaded tables, to listen to the musician while waiting for the food. The cigar was a flavorful experience. I’d asked for something on the milder side, and this was on point. As someone who doesn’t partake much, my tolerance is low, but this was an enjoyable and easily puffable cigar that lasted the entire night.

Ordering food is interesting because it is brought to the table in to-go boxes. Not what I was expecting, but if the food is good, the food is good. And let me tell you, the food was good. The parlor offers three appetizers from The Patio, all around $12: Drunken Cheesy Bread, Fernandina Famous Meatballs, and a Bavarian pretzel.

I went right for the Fernandina Famous Meatballs. On recommendation from the hostess, I replaced the marinara with tomato bisque. These four plump and juicy meatballs, covered in tomato bisque, were heavenly. Tender, flavorful, and that added creaminess of the bisque made every bite flawless.

Next was the Drunken Cheesy Bread, a baguette soaked in red wine, baked with garlic butter and shredded mozzarella. Goodness gracious. If you want something memorable, this is it. Take every descriptive word I used in my last paragraph, and they describe this delicacy perfectly. I can’t say enough about how good this was.

Last but certainly not least was the Bavarian pretzel. This big boy comes with beer cheese and whole-grain mustard for dipping. Surprisingly, the standout on this one, for me, was the mustard. It had a mild zing, but you could easily get a heaping amount on the pretzel and enjoy the whole thing. And the pretzel was salty with a pillowy inside. Absolutely delicious.

From the immaculate vibes to the variety of cigars, drinks, food and atmosphere, Ash Street Cigar Parlor is a gem on the island. Not only could you come here for a good smoke, but it’s perfect for a date night, a relaxed evening, or a way to kick back with some good, live music.

Ash Street Cigar Parlor

Website: https://ashstcigarparlor.com

Address: 406 Ash St., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

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3 days ago

A good cigar is always a breath of fresh air.   :wpds_mad: 

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