Hurricane Matthew debris collection process for City residents only

204 Ash Street, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

October 10, 2016 9:30 p.m.

city-seal2Rex Lester, Streets and Parks Maintenance Director
Jeremiah Glisson, Facilities and Fleet Director
(904) 310-3315 Office / (904) 310-3463 Fax / [email protected] / [email protected]
This number will be manned Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM


The City will only collect the items described in the press release (building/construction debris, vegetation, and soil.) The City will NOT be collecting household hazardous waste material (or other items) as a popular flier distributed by others appears to indicate.

Recovery efforts are underway in response to Hurricane Matthew in the City of Fernandina Beach. Clearing and removing disaster debris is a major part of the recovery effort. Ceres Environmental Services, Inc., the City’s debris removal contractor, will begin debris collection and removal in the City of Fernandina Beach on October 12, 2016. Residents are asked to separate disaster debris as follows, placing the debris in piles at the curb in the public right-of-way, not on private property:

• Construction and demolition materials (building construction materials – wood, metal, drywall, shingles, etc.), as well as building contents and personal property – furnishings, clothing, appliances, etc.).
• Vegetative materials (trees, limbs, brush, leaves, etc.).
• Dirt / sediment (soil, sand, gravel, etc.).

Please be advised that debris removal crews WILL NOT enter onto private property to collect or remove debris. All debris must be placed in separate piles at the curb in the public right-of-way, as described above. It is the home / business owner’s responsibility to bring the debris to the curb and to properly separate it.

Your cooperation will make this debris removal operation proceed smoothly and ensure that the community recovers as quickly as possible. Property owners are asked to refrain from parking on the streets during this debris removal process so as not to impede collection.

To report unsafe debris situations (e.g., leaning trees, trees on houses, partially collapsed structures, etc.) please contact the City immediately (telephone number above). Please note that this operation is ONLY for disaster debris. Please do not place garbage or other household refuse with the disaster debris, as it will not be accepted. Regular trash removal services in the community will continue as scheduled.

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