Happy Piano Day!

Piano Day Amelia Island
By Stéphane Pitois
March 28, 2020


Editor’s Note: Stéphane Pitois deserves a lot of credit for gathering talented musicians to participate in Piano Day Amelia Island. Thank you Stéphane. The big day is here, so let the show begin!  By clicking on the YouTube video below, you will hear all of the musical pieces. To hear individual pieces, scroll down to the program.  To hear other pieces recorded on SoundCloud, click here.

Piano Day Amelia Island

Il Silenzio Di Bergamo – Stéphane Pitois
Fernandina – Alex Gimenez

Sunflower – Clare Connors
Sean at Story & Song
Katie and Jacob “Wet Hands”
Piano Day at the Amelia Musical Playhouse
Rain Street – Gorp / Tyler Kidd
I. Vayriel’s Theme: Trials of the Innermost (Etherea Cycle: Book 1) – JohnWillard Utuk
II. Zinvar’s Theme: Trials of the Innermost (Etherea Cycle: Book 1) – JohnWillard Utuk
III. Idrilia’s Theme: Trials of the Innermost (Etherea Cycle: Book 1) – JohnWillard Utuk
Prelude for the Left Hand Op. 9, No. 1 – Scriabin – JohnWillard Utuk
Clair de Lune: Teacher Performance – JohnWillard Utuk
Piano Day Amelia Island 2020 – Barbara Genther
Carnival Fascination cruise showcase April 2015 – Ozzie Medina
Mini Concert for World Piano Day 2020 – Abigail Poirier
Reflection (Original Piano Solo) – John Matthew Wilkinson
Jesus Lover of My Soul (Hymn Series) – John Matthew Wilkinson
The One Who Knows (Original Song) – John Matthew Wilkinson
Perseverance (Original Piano Solo) – John Matthew Wilkinson
Serenity Piano Solo – John Matthew Wilkinson
Devotion (original piano solo) – John Matthew Wilkinson
Chanson – Margot Bell
Wild Flowers – Margot Bell
NR17 – Stéphane Pitois

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Peggy Bulger
Peggy Bulger(@peggy-bulger1949gmail-com)
4 years ago

that was wonderful!! I needed that for sure!!

Alexandra Lajoux
Alexandra Lajoux (@guest_56983)
4 years ago

Beautiful. Over time, I plan to listen to them all.

Alexandra Lajoux
Alexandra Lajoux (@guest_57089)
4 years ago

PS: And in fact I did listen to them all – and will again. Marvelous!