Greenway Restoration Plans Advance

Submitted by

John Carr

Turtles Sunning On Greenway - Photo by John Carr

The Greenway plans are advancing. The latest issues revolve around the invasive species that are becoming more prevalent. A recent conversation between the City Manager and Parks and Recreation (FB), Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), and Florida Communities Trust (FCT) confirmed the concern with the invasive species that continue to flourish, especially just south of Jasmine Street.

FDOT has updated the web page to reflect the addition of further contractors and continuing planning for this project. They also acknowledge the invasives’ issue and are addressing it in their plan. Target date for start of implementation is Winter of 2013. Again, the timing will be tied to invasive reduction or control.

FCT has reviewed the Greenway annual report and the FDOT planting schedule and has reservations about the invasives. The current level of invasives will doom any plantings. There are options to be discussed. The other problem is the source of the invasives. Most are coming downstream from other parts of the Greenway. A FB plan is needed to manage them.

FB has cut the budget back on the amount of time and effort that is spent on this aspect of greenway management. The invasives that were being held in check are moving from the southern edges northward till they meet saltwater. This 300 plus acre park or tract in the middle of our city needs our help.

FDOT has been invited to the June 19 regular City Commission meeting to update the commission. In the meantime the Skunk Vine, Spanish Rattle Box, Giant Reed, Air Potato and about 20 more species of exotics continue to grow and flourish. Please make your thoughts known by attending the meeting.

June 3, 2012 5:03 p.m.