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Joe winston
Joe winston (@guest_50666)
5 years ago

Please think about the inclusion of a fenced in acre or half acre for a dog run.
Most dogs just get to do a slow walk around. Loose dogs on the beach is not the best answer.

Dave Lott
Dave Lott(@dave-l)
5 years ago

There is a dog park located less than a half-mile away over by the airport.
It will be interesting to hear the discussion. Much of what I have heard is non-City residents requesting the park, while residents of the adjacent subdivisions not wanting the park as they enjoy the privacy of the forested area.

David Blacklock
David Blacklock(@davidblacklock2671gmail-com)
5 years ago

Please leave our areas wild. Leave it alone for the little wildlife we have remaining on the island. A grant opportunity may sound like free or discounted money, but even if totally “free” a playground may not be a good idea long term. When I drive by a playground, I seldom see it being used by more than a few. Usually, the playground is bare. The wildlife use undeveloped areas all the time. My wife has about 10 painted buntings at her feeder every morning during this time of the year. We have an overgrown lot full of brush and tall trees in a largely bleak subdivision devoid of such cover. They come to her as she has both food and cover for their safety. If you just have feeders, they seldom come. Look at the feeding station by the ocean at Fort Clinch for an example – little cover and very few buntings. If you like birds, as she does, you tend to think in terms of preservation and not development.

Jeanie Woods
Jeanie Woods (@guest_50683)
5 years ago

A fenced free dog park with areas for social and non- social dogs. Loose animals need to be contained for safety. Don’t encroach on undeveloped areas. Look for defunct developed property to revitalize.
Pets need license to ensure they have proof of updated vaccines. Coded locks on gates for permitted users. Annual permits. Keep the areas safe for our pets so disease is not spread. No sharing of the code- change monthly