Florida Governor Rick Scott vetoes $500,000 funding for proposed Nassau County Sheriff’s Facility

Submitted by Susan Hardee Steger

Proposed Nassau County Sheriff's facility
Proposed Nassau County Sheriff’s facility

Governor Rick Scott vetoed a $500,000 request to fund construction of a 10 million Nassau County Sheriff’s facility despite approval from the state legislature.

“The following [$500,000 request] is vetoed because funding for planning and construction of county buildings is the responsibility of local government,” according to Scott’s announcement.   (Click here for message from governor.)

The Fernandina Observer will continue to follow this story.

May 20, 2013 2: 10 p.m.



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Teresa J. Sopp
Teresa J. Sopp(@tjsoppcrimlawyer-com)
10 years ago

Didn’t Scott realize the local government is contributing???

Cynthia Fagen
Cynthia Fagen (@guest_8855)
10 years ago

Governor Scott has also let down Nassau County with the cuts to the Health Department and the closing of the Outward Bound program center.

Cynthia Fagen
Cynthia Fagen (@guest_9050)
10 years ago

I apologize, it was the Florida State Legislature who were responsible for the $200,000 in cuts to the Nassau County health department in 2011, not Gov. Scott.