Five questions for Nassau County Property Appraiser Michael Hickox – Citizens for a better Nassau

Submitted by Citizens for a Better Nassau
March 22, 2016 11:00 a.m.

Hickox Explains Intricacies of the Property Appraiser’s Office & Importance of Having a Broad & Diverse Tax Base

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‘Citizens for a Better Nassau,’ a non-profit organization focused on raising awareness of the importance of financial sustainability, today released a YouTube video, titled “‘Citizens for a Better Nassau County’ Has Five Questions for Nassau County Property Appraiser Michael Hickox.”

In the video, Hickox explains the function of the property appraiser’s office, why it is important to have a separation between the property appraiser’s office and the board of county commissioners, and why, from the property appraiser’s viewpoint, it’s important for Nassau County to broaden and diversify its tax base, among other topics. To view the video, click on white arrow below.


“‘Citizens for a Better Nassau County’ is pleased to release one more educational YouTube video that explains another important local office here in Nassau County, the property appraiser’s office,” said Robert W. Spaeth, co-chair of ‘Citizens for a Better Nassau County.’ “Lending his insight as property appraiser, Michael sheds a much-needed light on what his office actually does, as well as why, from his vantage
point, it’s important for the county to look toward broadening and diversifying its tax base.”

“Being a native of Nassau County, raising children and watching grandchildren grow up, Michael has deep roots in the county and knows its ins and outs,” said Jimmy Higginbotham, co-chair of ‘Citizens for a Better Nassau County.’ “Michael brings this and his know-how as property appraiser to this video, and we thank him for taking time out to do it.”

‘Citizens for a Better Nassau County’ is a non-profit organization, composed of concerned Nassau County residents, that is focused on raising awareness of the importance of a more fiscally sustainable county. As such, ‘Citizens for a Better Nassau County’ supports the following guiding principles to restore economic sustainability to Nassau County: smart economic growth, private capital investment
and high-wage, high-quality job creation that benefits the county as a whole; a broader and more diverse tax base to decrease the county’s dependence on residential property taxes to fund all government services; accountable, sound decision making by our county’s leaders; and key investments in the county’s infrastructure and school system to maintain and enhance the overall quality of life in Nassau County.

For more information on ‘Citizens for a Better Nassau County,’ please visit<>, follow @ABetterNassau<> and like<>.

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Steven Crounse
Steven Crounse (@guest_46938)
7 years ago

I think Education and through that, Knowledge is a wonderful thing. I’ve got one question for “Citizens for a Better Nassau County” You have a great website, Advertizing firm out of Tallahassee, you seem to have a big presents in Nassau County in a few short Months. You seem to have a “Favorite Son” running for a County Commissioner seat. My one question to you is Where does all your money come from, to run this Educational Campaign? Would it be from just common folk around Nassau County, that just one day saw a need, and throw some money in a Hat?. I’m all for having an intelligent conversation about the Economic needs of this Community, and this County. in a balanced and rational way. But for the Betterment of our County, Not to line the pockets, of out of town Lobbyist and Businessmen. Was just out on, SR200 saw at least six areas of construction, Huge Gas Station, another Housing Development, another Strip Mall, to add to the other Strip Malls That’s not positive growth, unless you think Orlando is a proper business model. So please tell us Where does your money come from and why should we as Citizens, of This Beautiful Community believe you and your Propaganda? Please tell us. .