Find FWC fishing regulations on your phone via Fish Rules App

June 20, 2020

Looking to keep up to date on Florida’s saltwater fishing regulations? Find them on Fish Rules App.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is excited to announce it is now partnering with Fish Rules App.

In addition, a new freshwater version of the app is being created and is anticipated to be rolled out later this summer. 

“FWC staff and law enforcement have been using this tool for years now due to its excellence in keeping Florida anglers up to date on the latest in saltwater fishing regulations,” said Jessica McCawley, FWC’s Director for the Division of Marine Fisheries Management. “We are thrilled to be able to now support and promote this amazing app to Florida saltwater anglers and expand it to our freshwater anglers, too.”

“We thank Fish Rules App for expanding to make a freshwater version. Our partnership with Fish Rules will strengthen the communication of fishing regulations with our anglers,” said Jon Fury, FWC’s Director for the Division of Freshwater Fisheries Management. “We look forward to sharing the new version of Fish Rules App with our 1.4 million anglers and encourage them to use the app whenever they are fishing one of Florida’s extraordinary waterbodies.”

“Partnering with FWC means we can more easily communicate fishery regulations with anglers,” said app co-creator Albrey Arrington. “This partnership increases anglers’ confidence when they are on the water that they have a reliable guide to fishing regulations.”

Fishing regulations change depending on your location. Enable location services in Fish Rules App and the app will automatically show you regulations for your actual location. The app is also partnering with the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council and the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council that manage fisheries off Florida in federal waters.

Unsure of what species you’ve caught? The app also helps with fish identification. Swipe left or right on pictures of fish to see more pictures and clues on how to identify a fish. You can even sort fish by name or by picture.

Have amazing fish photos? Fish Rules is always looking for more photos to add to the app and will need freshwater shots as well. Share your amazing shots by emailing them to [email protected]. Preferred shots include the fish being held horizontally and taking up as much of the image as possible.

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