Fernandina’s Beach Junki makes another “Clinching discovery” with a happy ending

By Susan Hardee Steger
June 14, 2018 12:27 p.m.

One June 14, Amy Wade, was doing what she does best, clearing our beaches of trash some of which arrives on the incoming tide.  In August of 2016, she found and  reunited a man with his dentures that he lost while surf fishing.  According to Wade, ” . .  a strong wave smacked him in the back and they went flying in the water. He said he just knew they were on their way to Cuba.”

On Thursday after finding yet another missing set of dentures, Wade contacted the Fernandina Observer to help her search for the owner.   She had found it in the same location near the north-end jetties. What are the odds of that?

After posting  the photo on the Beach Junki’s Facebook page along with the last name of the individual, whose name was etched on the rim of the dentures, low and behold she found the owner again!  A nice granddaughter saw the Beach Junki’s post and called her grandfather to ask if he wore dentures.  He replied he did but he had lost them at Main Beach on Monday!  After  finding the dentures Thursday morning, they were returned to the rightful owner by 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

The only thing missing now, is the upper plate! We wish Amy luck in finding the uppers, and we encourage all beach walkers to be on the look out.

Congratulations Beach Junki Amy Wade!   You are two for two!

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Mary Maguire
Mary Maguire (@guest_51615)
5 years ago

That is weirdly amazing!

Margo Story
Margo Story (@guest_51618)
5 years ago

I had a cute laugh on this hahahaha…… good job Amy!!