Fernandina Harbor Marina Prepares for Beryl

Submitted by
Susan Hardee Steger
In preparation for tropical storm Beryl, Fernandina Harbor Marina Dock Master,Kevin Little and staff are advising boat captains to stay in safe harbors  before venturing to Fernandina Harbor Marina.  A small number of boat captains were unaware of the upcoming arrival of Beryl until local staff let them know.

An Empty North Dock at the Fernandina Harbor Marina

Little indicated wind direction and tide changes make the critical time for vessels at the city marina  between 3:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. today (Sunday). A strong north wind and an outgoing tide cause choppy conditions that can create problems for vessels  and docks.

Dock hands worked diligently to shift vessels from the city north dock at the foot of Centre Street to city docks further south. Amelia River Cruise vessels, along with other boats  are now in the southern portion of the marina until the weather clears.

Further updates on tropical storm Beryl to follow.