Fernandina Beach Police responds to report of ‘stalking about with rifle’

Fernandina Beach Police Department
May 7, 2022


“The situation has been handled and there is no current threat to public safety.”

Egans Creek Greenway
Photo by Mark Delfs



Earlier today the FBPD received a report of an adult male on the Greenway stalking about with a rifle. Officers responded and located the subject who was found to be in possession of a single shot pellet rifle, although it looked like a standard sized .22 rifle.

Through an interview and search it was found the subject had been wading into the waters, hunting frogs.

FBPD officers are coordinating with FWC and have escorted the subject out of the Greenway.

The visual of him stalking about with a rifle certainly caused a level of concern, however, the situation has been handled and there is no current threat to public safety.

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Jason Collins
Jason Collins(@jc18holes)
1 year ago

Is it illegal to carry a pellet gun now? What about a been gun? Asking for a friend?? LOL

Jason Collins
Jason Collins(@jc18holes)
1 year ago

BB gun (damn auto fill)

Sue Almand
Sue Almand (@guest_64972)
1 year ago

No one needs to be shooting anything in this nature preserve. Nature lovers need to feel safe peacefully enjoying this place.
Leave the frogs and other living things alone.

Joe Blanchard
Joe Blanchard (@guest_64977)
1 year ago

I was talking to the police chief the other day and he said that it is not a problem owning a BB or pelet gun. I target practice in my backyard.

Peggy Bulger
Peggy Bulger(@peggy-bulger1949gmail-com)
1 year ago

Taking any gun that can harm wildlife or humans (pellet and BB guns are also weapons) to a nature preserve that has children and protected species in range is crazy. What exactly was this person going to shoot???

Joseph Kayne
Joseph Kayne(@jay-kayne)
1 year ago

The tendency and willingness of some members of our community to defend the indefensible is mindboggling. There is a sign at EVERY entrance to the Greenway with rules and warning.

The unnamed “stalker,” by his own admission, violated at least three of those rules (quoted)

*Stay on the approved trails.
*Entering the water is prohibited.
*Do not feed or harass wildlife.

Mr. Collins does not care about that. He prefers to focus on on the rights of someone to use (not just carry) a pellet gun on a public, protected wildlife refuge.

Since some folks do not seem to understand the obvious, I recommend the City Counsel revise any existing ordinance, or if none exists, pass one that makes violation of the rules on the Greenway a misdemeanor with appropriate fines for violation.